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Days Gone review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Days Gone is another game that has high highs and low lows. First the positives. Visually Days Gone looks nice. Not top quality nice but still very nice. I liked the bike aspect. I didn’t find fuel annoying, I thought it was a fun idea. The gameplay is solid but nothing special. The main positive is the hordes. There are a few moments in this game where you come across hordes and it is incredibly fun. The number of zombies and ways they move creates interesting scenarios. This is when the game
is at its best. Now the criticism. The pacing in this game is fucking horrible. Why don’t they have hordes throughout the whole game? Why do they only show you horde locations when the game is over? Why do you have to drive to far locations just to see a cutscene where he talks to his wife’s gravestone so many times? Closely related, the upgrade system in this game is horrible as well. You don’t actually get to choose how you upgrade anything because you get money for each camp and you really only get money/unlocks for doing missions. It’s fake open world, this game is linear in an open world environment and it doesn’t work. Next, the story is all over the place. It’s kind of entertaining at times because of how weird and bad it is, but it makes no sense. If this game had better structure to it, and actually had an open world worth exploring, and had an actual upgrade system where you could choose how you want to play, and actually put the best part of the game (hordes) throughout the whole game, then this game could have been top tier. It’s disappointing because I could see the potential but they missed it. Still had a lot of fun and I’ll never forget the Boozeman.

Final Score: A-

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Verry nice story
uneven writing, uneven characters, mixed feelings about the bike, the hoards are cool as hell though.  running out of gas is more frustrating than immersive. Overall though, if you like open world games and zombies, its not gonna get much better than this.  Sam Witwer is a FORCE.
Must have!
underrated game due to other sony massive hits in the era.
«Can’t stop playing»
This game received a lot of negative feedback mostly from early showings of it at E3 which in reality was not representative of the finished product. Where this game really stands out is the story. The gameplay and open world are fine and serviceable but the man draw is seeing how the story will wrap up. It definitely is not what it looks like from the outside. I recently replayed it to finish the platinum and due to a save error I had to replay it all over again. Doing this I saw how some of the interactions and main gameplay loop can get really boring and tedious. There are a few dialogue and missions that you can't skip through at all and the stealth sections are still annoying even if they are sparse. Overall for a first time playthrough I think it's a great story with some great characters and acting from everyone involved. 
Amazing. Story, graphic, details, zombies, sounds, hordes, bikes everything is just perfect. Experienced 2 bugs throughout the whole game, didn't care, kept on playing. 10/10
«Liked before it became a hit»
«OST on repeat»
I enjoyed thhis gaming experience thoroughly. There might be a couple spots or storylines where the pace looses it's footing, but it's a fairly long game and it's mostly consistent throughout, so I won't fault it for that. I absolutely loved the linear-but-yet-open-world feel they were going for, and I thought they absolutely nailed it. There wasn't an excess of things to explore or do or collect, so I didn't get overwhelmed or sidetracked nearly as often. The Hordes serving as the boss battles of the game is absolutely ingenious. Or course you can just go in guns blazing if you have enough ammo, but the I love the strategic possibilities and the improvised feel of each Horde keeps it from feeling repetitive. I would have been perfectly fine if a certain character whom Deacon is searching for had stayed lost but oh well. Also, some people find the search for supplies like ammo and gas to be tedious, but I like the semi-survival aspect it brings to the game, really adds to the overall feel of the world, although with all the talk of running low on gas and ammo, it's awfully convenient that it keeps happening to show up BUT I digress, it's only a game and of course you need ammo. 10/10 recommend. 
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Finally got around to playing Days Gone about a month ago, and sold it a few weeks later. It was fun for around 10 hours or so and then just bland overall. The main characters voice acting is kind of strange to me, sometimes you can't hear him and other times he'll yell for no reason. The biggest con is the frame rate will take a dump sometimes and it can last for several seconds.

Overall I'd say 6/10, worth it for $20 but I'd not pay more than that.
Developers choose well-tried mechanics, like they made the game using kinda «Developer's Guide for Good Gaming» study-book. And actually they ignore all other games, with good decisions and mistakes. 

Gameplay is extremely repetitive and samey. Kill generic bandits, «bring-me-some-shit» generic missions, rescue generic camp scouts. And without any single reason, this gameplay is linear like hell and you could not skip that primitive quests. 

The whole storyline is flat. Developers ignore pacing, like tensity of scenes doesn't change at all. [SPOILER ALERT] They actually could not kill anyone of secondary characters, except the oldie. And his death is so pathetic. And when you're ready to bury Boozer, fucker surprisingly (not) arise from dead. The lesson Days Gone teaches you — this zombie world is a completely safe place, if you are a friend of Deacon.

[ONE MORE SPOILER ALERT] And talking about Deacon — don't be fooled, he is just a barking dog with no teeth. He is always barks, but actually never bites anyone, except generic villains. The final scene, where he is supposed to show himself becomes act of impotency. And his revenge to Shizzo — man, that scene is definitely not one you expects from revenging this stinky rat. My scenario rating is 2 from 10 Malkoviches.

Speaking about positive aspects — Days Gone looks good, I wish the second part of it would be more interesting and diverse.
«Disappointment of the year»
Favorite Thing: I'm a sucker for a post-apocalyptic zombie adventure. Plus riding around on the bike was pretty fun.
Least Favorite Thing: Looting bodies. I know I'm at my limit for rags but I need more grenades! Date

Completed: 2019-05-12
Playtime: ~ 40h
Enjoyment: 9/10
Recommendation: I almost cancelled my preorder based on the reviews. I am very glad I did not.