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DOOM (2016) review
by McStruthers

the single-player campaign is fun, but the importance of melee finishers makes the mechanic lose its luster quickly, especially considering there aren't many invincibly frames afterwards - you can sometimes be hit right as you regain control after an execution, which is damning in higher difficulties. this means you have to be careful not to execute all the time, but choosing not to means missing out on health and ammo, and having to pump more ammo from afar into the enemy you could have quickly finished off. 

also, the cutscenes are unskippable and long, which kills replayablity, especially since the story has nothing to recommend it, and many times doomguy fails to grab a ledge during a platforming section even as you feel confident in your execution

tons of work went into multiplayer and custom level creation, but that part of this game hasn't resulted in any fun for me.

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Fast, vicious, gory and the OST is hyping up perfectly
«Blew my mind»
«OST on repeat»
Loved it
«Blew my mind»
i needed to go on a 3 month dopamine detox after shitting myself to this game for 12 hours straight. 10/10
fast paced demon shooting.  second only to its sequel in that regard.
Been a bit since i finished this so it's not super fresh in my mind but this was pretty great. A shooter that's actually challenging on normal difficulty. This has been said a million times already but the soundtrack SLAPPPS. Also zero bugs (was playing ps4 version on ps5), flawless in that regard. The story and lore are solid. The real world tie-ins with energy crises and issues of humanity's expansion are very relevant. The satire is great too. Level design is really fine-tuned. Linear game but with plenty of secrets to find if you're paying attention. Highly recommend. More thoughts + comparisons to follow in Doom Eternal review
«OST on repeat»
my boyfriend is playing it and its horrible, fast and that fact give me anxiety and the music is so heterosexual the vibes are so jordi wild....... 0 points
Incredibly fun with the best feeling shotgun I've experienced so far.
«Blew my mind»
«OST on repeat»
The absolute best game for someone that doesn't play many first-person shooters. The combat is wonderful for all skill levels and playstyles. A campy story that fits the world very well, and truly unique weapon and enemy variety. A true treat for any player, highly accessible for beginners. Do yourself a favor and up the difficulty halfway through the game if you started in the easiest difficulty, it makes you feel as if you as a player are progressing with the game and with your ever increasing arsenal. Play with a controller for a solid, punchy arcade-style feeling, play mouse and keyboard if you're in higher difficulty and the precision requires it. Only two downsides for this game: backtracking through some levels can hinder the experience and bog down the gameplay; early maps do a subpar job of differentiating their color schemes and layouts, leading the player to get lost at the beginning stages. Overall, a solid 4/5 I plan to come back and master further.