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Wandersong review
by Oakley

This is such an adorable little game. Its concept and art style instantly had me hooked. Its story is great for kids, but it's also pretty mature and doesn't talk down to them at any point. It made me laugh several times and got me emotional at one point, I'm a 24 year old man. I fully intend on sharing this gaming experience with my niece as soon as she's old enough to hold a controller. I think it's really accessible for any non gamer of all ages. You can't die at any point and the puzzles are pretty easy, I completed within a few hours. I highly recommend this if you want a casual gaming experience with a cute singing mechanic and a well written story about being true to yourself.
«Sit back and relax»

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Microsoft from Swedish
Product received for free It is hard to say that you did not enjoy playing Wandersong. [Metatext = First I intend to mention what was good resperktive bad and then I go against the very feeling] Good: + Long storyline 10-13t hours + Very good story, deep characters + Dialogues, with all characters + Works with control + Comical (Mega fun jokes! Driver somehow I just seen occasional times!) + Nice design + Music! + Good FPS (played on my 2 year old laptop!) Bad:-How to move was a bit "choppy", but read that it is only on the PC version and that they are working on fix it-There Was a bug that made me unable to take me from A to B. It helped to go into settings and go back to the game , so the error was completely random. Sometimes the dialogues were tiresome. May have just been me because I wanted to talk to everyone and finally when I was at the main quest I was a bit tired of the talk. -The Whole music concept that the game goes after thought I was a bit tiring, but it is the same as above. I almost overuse it and when it was time for something really it was boring. But The game is still worth the money! I cried! Tears of joy, which is one of the holiest and purest (according to me), ran against the end. Not that the game was S-l-U-t (steam censors) and that I wished that there was more, but because everything was fine in the end. Theme is still friendship, which I think is cliche. But It was such a relationship that is unforgettable, between the player and especially two characters. A warm and open (the player) and a cold and closed (Miriam). You will love how they are with each other and interact with other characters. Then It is pure so that music affects us unconsciously, gives us its discourse after sound and text in the music. The Emotion is what makes the game so valuable. As a conclusion I intend to quote a dialogue between Mask and Glen (which I chose to my character was called): Originally posted by Worm: I really think we're connected wanderer. Everywhere In Go you're there too. That's not nothing. You ever notice how sometimes, an idea will come to many people around the same time? Have you ever felt that when someone shares their thoughts? Like "Oh, I was just thinking about that too!" It's like that Wanderer. We're all connected by threads visible and invisible. And I think the whole world is thinking togehter. Even when we don't know it. I don't believe in coincidences. All the big things in the universe... They're just made of small things put togehter. And those small things are made of even smaller things. It's impossible to subtooth everything... But to be indentured something big, you gotta be underwater the small things it's made of. The crazy thing is... The Whole universe is just one big thing. It's made of all the small things together. And that's why... Even the tiniest, smallest thing, like the feeling when you tell someone "I love you," can tell you something big about the whole universe