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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number review
by Oakley

Its soundtrack has more bangers than the first, but everything else is way too extra. Its difficulty feels a lot more unfair. Yeah there'd be times in the first where you get shot seemingly out of nowhere, but then you look over and it's like, "Oh there was a window there. Alright, I'll remember that." So if you died that way again, it's your fault for not learning anything or being quick enough. In the second, you'll clear dozens of dudes and think you're good to proceed JUST TO GET SHOT BY SOME DICKHEAD IN A BUSH YOU COULDN'T EVEN SEE ON SCREEN AT THE TIME, PLAYING WHERE'S WALDO WITH THE CAMERA TO FIND IT! And then you gotta start what was already frustrating ALL OVER and hope that you remember exactly where that one guy was hiding and get to him in time.
Also having one unreliable POV is interesting, playing one man as he falls deeper and deeper into insanity is engaging. The biker levels were a cool bonus. Whatever was going on with 2's multiple character story was a mess that I stopped paying attention to. I still like the game because it's Hotline Miami, but it's a downgrade.
«Just one more turn»
«OST on repeat»

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It lacks the focus of the original, but shares the same breakneck gameplay. The level design is much more varied as well, for better, and for worse. 6.5/10
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
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Because I don't just want to address the Mechanics and Gameplay of "Hotline Miami," but also build on the Core Messages of the Game, I'm going to have a summary, overarching Review for "Hotline Miami" as well as "Hotline Miami 2": Wrong Number. " "Hotline Miami" is a "2D Top-down slasher"-At least I would put the Game in that Rubric. Basically, with predetermined Weapons (sometimes even your bare hands) or Weapons found in one Level, you clear numerous Enemies-From Floor to Floor. The Level of difficulty is generally high and it is not very rare that you initially have to spam through the "R" key on the Keyboard. What does the R button do? -"Press R for Restart" So anyone who is subject to a low Frustration tolerance, I advise you to advise you. It's really not an easy game to handle. Furthermore, the Brutality Factor in HM is very high; Even if you beat Pixel Males with a 2D look, strangle, stomp, decapitate, massacred, etc., you either have to pause or fall into a Rush of Blood. The Dialogues in the Game, which are only visually recorded, are unique-Dry, melodramatic, emotional, prudent and go to matter. The whole Story of HM evolves into a Tragedy as The Game progresses, Culminating with Intrigue, Murders, Delusions, Nihilism. You want to ask more about the Characters you play and how the Story of the Individual is tricky with those Of others. If you think such a ' a Top-down slasher can't go deep, then you think wrong. Hotline Miami removes any moral Guidelines that once brought out big Minds like Kant or Decartes and makes use of a pure nihilistic Attitude. It embodies the Downsides of Life and that Plans do not always go up as they should go up until you realize that one was only a Building Block in the System, which can be quickly structured and how to build. The Soundtracks in the Game underscore the whole Atmosphere and have a unique Recognition Value. Unlied-The 80s retro wave music and the matching neon-colored Ambience gives the game the final Kick once again, because the Game may seem so colorful on the Surface, so darker it is behind the Façade. An absolute Must for People who like to value philosophical Aspects in Games and who hope for an extraordinary, if simple, story. Or even for People who like to slask and murk off Pixels. The gore factor is more than satisfying. Last But not Least, a great Deal of praise to the Miami hotline, as you add even more Depth to the Game through your Fan Type, the Memes and the Discussions about the Game! Thank you!
Everything that made the first game exceptional has been thrown overboard on this one: Story, Character, Design, Gameplay
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»