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Moonlighter review
by McStruthers

cute environment, comfy town and townspeople, stellar soundtrack, tight controls, and well thought out weapon mechanics. the "hero-merchant" balance was clever and well executed. 

also, whereas the game ushers you to invest in higher-tier equipment as you progress, the stats aren't overtuned - it took about twice as long to clear a dungeon with lower-tier equipment, but was still quite do-able. a few times, the "you're taking too long on this floor" mechanic drove me back to town with this approach, but it was always by the time i had a full inventory and could go back anyway.

i also appreciate how mechanics are taught through player experience and a few pictures. this clevery sidesteps internationalization problems, but also helps keeps the game's pace smooth as you learn.  it's always nice as a player when the game runs alongside you as you learn by doing, rather than stopping you often to tell you everything.

i only see a couple issues here
1) the game is a bit too easy, in my opinion. i only completed 1 or 2 of the item quests because it would take 1-3 in-game days to clear a dungeon, but usually longer to gather enough materials to fulfill the quest
2) i ran into a few bugs with the interaction mechanic. sometimes it takes a bit to find the sweetspot to get a button press to actually trigger an interaction (ex: selling an item via register, reading document, talking to villager), sometimes if there are two triggers too close together it can be difficult to choose the right one (the storage chests in the bedroom are a great example), and a few times i couldn't get townspeople to get through their dialogue. this didn't happen often and wasn't a big deal, but was noticeable

neither of the above are make-or-break - there's a lot here to love. i expect i'll play this again on NG+ some time.
«OST on repeat»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is worth its ~ €20€! The Game Moonlighter Is a nice little Dungeon game that I like mainly because of the Graphics and the beautiful Story. Even if the Game principle is very simple and can sometimes get desolate, Moonlighter manages to keep me at laune due to the expandable Shop and the quite quickly changing dungeons. Even though small insignificant quirks are still occurring from time to time, There is currently work and it feels unfinished due to the short Story, Moonlighter is still a highly recommended game where I am happy About a second Part or an expanding DLC dignity. Enjoy Playing:D
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Was really a little Surprise to me. Am just on his Way to becoming 2nd Boss and would estimate the Game time at 25h+. The Levels are pleasantly varied, as usual for a rogue Like/Lite title and the Weapons offer enough Variety not to get bored. The Pixel Look is fantastic and even the Fighting Feels solid. It's Fun to figure out the Prices of each Item. Just saw a Boss who was challenged, but by no Means too heavy. You have different Levels of difficulty, if it seems too easy. The 20 Euros may be a bit happy-like, but otherwise Moonlighter is clearly recommended. Aaaaand: Pls add a Scythe and Steam Badges < 33
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Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game is one of the best Indie games I've ever been allowed to play! Music: Suitable for Dungeons and varied graphics: Perfect for an indie Lover! Content: Good, but it's Air up! Bosses can be refuelled very easily and thus lose their appeal (Maybe a Buff?). The Big Sword is just op and should possibly be weakened. Personally, I find that for 16 Hours of Content, €20 is way too much Money. For €15 it would be ok, but €20 doesn't go into my Eyes. Control: Have it on Keyboard and Mouse play MUST because my Controller caused the Game to crash. With Keyboard and Mouse, the Controls are a little complicated, but easy to learn. From me a purchase recommendation if you are just Bored and need a Game in between!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Moonlighter would be a charming Mix of Rogue-lite and Shop Management for me if I didn't dislike a few Things! The biggest Criticism I have is the Combat System. It's just too stiff and too slow for my Taste. You get some unfair Damage and in some Situations you just can't do anything about it, precisely because you're too slow or you unlogically don't hit. The second Point of criticism I have is the ' Crafting System '. For Example, you want to buy a new Sword from the Blacksmith. Then you need the necessary Items for the Sword and also have to plate Coins and not exactly little. Especially in The Beginning, this can really frustrate, as you get the Feeling you hardly take any Steps. Finally, something positive! Moonlighter scores with its pretty Pixel Graphics, simple and uncluttered User interface. I would most like to recommend it, but for me the negative Points unfortunately predominate!
Super concept, bad realization. 
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
 The appearance of this game is brilliant, and the story is captivating. While the game raises important problems and even features death, it stays nice and charming. I hope, there would be DLCs for this game, as I don’t want to finish my dungeon adventure right now. 
Oh, I want so say something good about this game at first: it’s really very beautiful. Pixel art world is incredible, you love it. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the rest of the game. It fails both as a roguelike and a dungeon game. I feel bored, and bugs are annoying. So, for me this game became a disappointment.