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osu! review
by Kane Smith

This is an amazing rhythm game. I play the mania mode (the mode where notes fall), and I have loved every second of it. I have 100 hours on the game, and I'm almost 10,000 in the word. The game has a fun and rewarding ranking system that keeps me coming back. I love the amazing feeling I get after doing something like finally FCing a hard song or when I play a song way out of my skill range and somehow still pass it. The game has many songs all custom made by players of the game, almost any song you could think of has already been mapped. If not the game gives you the tools to make your very own map, the tools are very simple and very fun to use even if you're not an experienced mapper. osu! (all game-modes) are very fun to improve in. I get an adrenaline rush every time I see my rank go up. Improvement is my favorite part of the game. when I look back at some of the scores a made 5 months ago, a smile appears on my face as I realize just how much I've improved over this short period of time. Anyway, 2000pp/10 great game would smash keyboard again

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Isn't this game awesome?!

After playing osu! for approximately two years - 375 hours, I think I'm done with it. Because I'm tired or the game is getting worse? No. I'm just entering adulthood and time is getting limited. I will be back someday and I'm much happy for all the memories I had playing this, so I'll write a review telling you guys the actual state of the game and compare when I get back.

First of all, the gameplay. After playing so much FPS, I started playing CSGO and became fascinated by it. Why? Cuz the mechanics were simple but precise. And its sandbox elements never left the game without newness for too long, cuz players were inventing new things all the time, like smokes, game modes, etc. But... why I'm talking about CS in an osu! review? Because they have a lot in common. The osu! mechanic is simple, but so rich in creativity terms. The community evolves with it - look at the 2010 maps and compare them with the new ones. The difference is crazy. The premise "click the circles" is taken to the extreme. After some days of playing it, you will eventually understand how crazy deep the game is. Reading, tapping, aim, raw aim, and speed are elements that will drive you to your max potential. Aside from that, you have the mods. Hidden, Double Time, HardRock, Sudden Death, Easy and more make this game endless in terms of content. And if you are playing osu!lazer already, multiply these mods by 3, cuz there are many more available. You can always play a little off your comfort zone, challenging yourself, which guarantees you a lot of learning and confidence to try out new things in your life. If I'm a good nurse today, I can tell you osu! has a portion of responsibility in that.

The gameplay itself is enough to make you addicted, but there is another important factor: the community. Man, I love it so much. The content creators and pro players elevate the experience to maximum potential. Learn with the community, laugh about random moments, react and hype the plays of your favorite players and be happy about it is amazing. Even though I'm stopping playing the game, I'll never leave these guys.

Talking about the experiences I had, I downloaded osu! after hearing someone saying that it could help my aim (in 3D games... lol). After trying some maps, I uninstalled it cuz I was not interested enough to download new ones. After some months, my girlfriend send me a video of her cousin playing osu! at her house. He was playing something fast that got my attention immediately. I opened the game and saw his replay of Livelock Art -THE ORAL CIGARETTES (Eternity diff) and I thought to myself "I need to play like this". After 1 year and some months, I was able to play it with 1.15x DT with good acc and hit the diff spikes. But to do that, initially, I saw so many tutorials and learned about the game, the maps, and the skins. Everything was so new... good times. I love entering a new world and learning about it. That's what I love so much in video games. Also, I'll never forget when I became a 5-digit, learned steams and cross-map jumps. I was feeling like whitecat, I swear. Another thing that marked me forever was my 21yo birthday gift: a tablet. More specifically a Wacom CTL-472. Dude, I had to learn so many fundamentals again and I loved it. To my girlfriend: Nanda, eu te amo❤‍🔥.

Last, but not less important: the dev team. osu! is a game where I can say clearly that if you like it, you should support it. No ads, constant updates based on the community will, free skins, infinite content, and amazing UI. It's almost unbelievable how crazy good osu! is. And I'm only talking about one game mod. You still have Taiko, Catch, and Mania. The fact that they choose to not monetize the game like others and actually heard the community is crazy nowadays (they also communicate pretty well). Peppy and his team have my forever respect.

Anyway, I'll probably play osu! again, but independently of what happens next, this game will be in my heart forever - with all friends I've met in the trajectory.

See you next time.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Very fun and addictive rhythm game and community driven. Still being updated and the devs REALLY care about the game and i cant wait for osu!lazer to be complete! The game is also relaxing at times...
I'm terrible at this game, but it's super fun. The music is catchy as hell and I always have the theme song stuck in my head. I love the gameplay too, the normal levels, the food levels and the keyboard levels are all very addictive, the keyboard ones are the ones I'm best at though, this game is wonderful.
«Just one more turn»
«OST on repeat»
just a classic arcade game where the enjoyment will mainly came from if u can find the right song to die on repeat and still loving it. The game is elitist as hell, but u have content erally easy that everybody can play.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Overall 8.3 / 10

Gameplay 9 / 10
Story N/A
Visuals 7 / 10
Length 10/10
Enjoyment 7 / 10