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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic review
by markbass69

Maybe others are able to put the flaws aside and appreciate the story here but this is so rough and not because of age, though that is part of it. Poor graphics, ugly textures, and buggy controls aside, this is the quintessential example of laughably bad "moral" systems: you're either a saint or you murder everyone in the street - and your companions put up with it for no reason. And that could kinda be overlooked if there were a better game buried underneath, but there isn't. Entire worlds made up of narrow corridors; combat that doesn't get good until like eight or nine hours in, and even then there is painfully little variety; encounter design that's more "throw too much at you" than "difficult" or "strategic"; some interesting force powers (I'm thinking particularly of Force Persuade) that are not only completely underutilized but also not different enough from regular WRPG options that are also present and underutilized; overly wordy story that's about no more than a MacGuffin and not even a good one at that; like every other Star Wars property, overly reliant on connecting imagery to the original trilogy instead of telling its own story. I guess the twist was a big deal back in the day, though I can't say why, but that was never enough to save everything else poor about this game.
«Disappointment of the year»

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"Hero, villian, savior, conqueror. You are all the things, Revan. And yet, you are nothing"
My favourite game. A true Star Wars experience.
«That ending!»
«Beaten more than once»
In general, it's definitely one of the best Star Wars games. The story is the strongest point and the plot twist are nice. Gameplay is not that great and has aged poorly as well as the controls and the camera which both are just kind of frustrating how they work, but besides that, KOTOR is a great game.

7, 5/10.
Possibly the first RPG I completed all the way through.
if this game had a downside, it's the combat for most of the people but i find very fine, a complete masterpiece with epic and well-written storyline and engaging side quests with a great album by Jeremy Soule,10\10
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Once upon a time in a far, far away RPG ... STAR WARS Knights of the old Republic An unknown hero awakens without Memories on the Cruiser Endar Spire, but shortly after his Awakening, the Spacecraft is captured by Troops of the Sith Lord Malak. The Escape succeeds only narrowly and after Reaching the Rescue Capsule, the Hero ends up on the Planet Taris without Equipment, Ship or Memories. On Taris, the Hero Discovers the Jedi Bastila Shan, who is being held captive in the Lower City. It wasn't until victory in a swoop race that the Jedi managed to free, and she joined the Hero. From her, he learned that he, too, Is a Bearer of Power ...----------------------------conclusion: Once you get used to the cumbersome Controls and polygone-poor look of the Environment and the characters, Knights of the old Republic plays really well. Even after so long And despite the badly dusty technology, still the best RPG from the Star Wars Universe.
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It has been on the iPhone (7 plus) as much fun as the many times on the PC! The controls are well adjusted, sometimes a bit complicated, but in the complex to get over. Although the speech is only English, with German texts, I did not mind myself. Big plus is that it does not need an online connection! Conclusion: Also mobile one of the best role-playing games of all time. It's worth every penny. Happy more of something.
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I bought the game about 5 years ago on the pc as a bundle with the 2nd part, that worked for a long time until I got my new laptop and the game could not play because of my graphics driver and it is not anymore can therefore my joy was great as I have seen that there is the game for mobile unfortunately I'm still waiting for the second part synonymous for mobile phone but if he comes out then I would even give you 10 stars if it is possible Were, I found the game good at the time and still think it's good.
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I just bought the game when I saw it was priced at 2.99. For 9.99 it was too expensive for me. The implementation for the iPad is very well done, the control of the touch screen is well-suited and fits very well with the game. Only in the swoop races I manage not clean control, but is also a matter of practice. I've played it through once and it went perfectly, no Abstrze and the videos of the cutscenes all went through clean. Unfortunately, when I try to play my age-old PC version on Windows 10 today, that's not the case. You do not have to say much about the game itself, one of the best RPG games ever, with good characters and a great storyline.
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Knights Of The Old Republic, although dated 2003, stands out by its exceptional scenario, and frankly satisfactory graphics. By embodying a man with memories gone, you will rebuild his story through your galactic encounters, forging little new personality, not finding the one he had lost. The dialogues give a real sensation of choice, and if there are only two different end, the ways to get there easily justify the purchase of this little jewel that is Kotor. Despite its relatively (relatively) restricted plants compared to current standards, the game often offers us the opportunity to discover new secrets, both concerning your fellow travelers and the universe itself. A satisfaction and an impression of real freedom in our journey that we hardly find today.