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Street Fighter V review
by McStruthers

I appreciate that this game introduced a 3 frame input buffer, which makes combo timing more lenient, but it still has quite a few problems. In terms of game design, I hate that many characters are designed around "mix-ups". It never feels good when I guess correctly which side to block on when an Ibuki gets in, and it always feels bad when I guess incorrectly. Mix-ups have always seemed like a bug exploit to me, but titles like this make them a core part of the game. Honestly - to a lesser extent, I also feel this way about combos, which actually did make their debut as bugs in the original Street Fighter game.

Another problem is the waiting - there is way too much wait time inbetween matches. Even when the online community is quite active, it takes awhile for a match to load, and to get into the actual battle once you've selected your character. You get a few rounds, then you're back to waiting. For a game that's all about multiplayer, this is a huge problem. 

Similarly, the netcode is passable, but not great. I have a stable internet connection and hardware that, according to the in-game graphics test, can run the game on the highest graphics settings without issue (I set it a bit lower just in case), but I have latency during 1 in every 8 (give or take) online matches. It's possible the problem lies with the opponent's hardware/software, but either way, it's just not worth it.

Last of all - character lock. That you pay 50-60 for a game and don't have all the characters unlocked to begin with is absolutely abhorrent. It's not a huge problem during a match since there's enough to learn about a particular character you pick up that there's no need to switch to every single one, but there's no way to even select the character in singleplayer - not even in practice mode - when you haven't unlocked them. This means if you get hit with something in ranked you don't know how to counter, you do not have the tools to teach yourself if you do not have the character unlocked that hit you with something surprising. That's truly at ends with the competitiveness of the genre.

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Street Fighter V Champion Edition PC Review (Finished on 06/07/2020)


+Arcade mode not only returns but can be played as follows: From Street Fighter I, to Street Fighter V (including the Alpha games), the characters that were available in that version, will be playable in the Arcade Mode of that version and if those games had a different path to takes, they will be also available here.

+Capcom Fighting Network was a neat feature that helps better to manage the friends added and how to search replays of even professional players.

+Combos are more lenient that all the previous Street Fighter entries ever released.

+Compared to previous versions, while still not perfect, the hitbox and hurtbox of nearly the entire cast is decent and not that exaggerated like in previous entries (except for some exceptions).

+Crossplay enabled between the PC and PS4 versions.

+Good amount of characters currently for a game that started with only 16 characters back in the vanilla version, increasing the cast to a total of 40 players. (As of 08/15/20, a new season containing 4 more characters was officially announced.)

+Graphics are very good and crisp for a fighting game, especially compared to offering of Street Fighter IV and the pixel art of Street Fighter III. (It does not look better than the Alpha games though.)

+Implementation of V-Skill mechanism which simplifies old moves inputs by only pressing two buttons and they also expanded to two V-Skills. Also, they implemented the V-Trigger system, (as well expanded to two variants) which seems like a power-up state of the character. Finally, they also introduced the V-Reversal, which at the expense of a bar of the V-Trigger bar, depending on the character, you can exit or push the opponent back to reset the neutral game.

+PC version is the best port, enabling the use of mods and also has the best optimization compared to the PlayStation 4 port.

+They seems to be many modes compared to the vanilla version, in the form of Survival, VS, Arcade, Story, FM Challenges, Online Ranked, Online Casual, Lobbies.

+The additions since the vanilla version up to the Champion Edition were good, completing the game as it should be from the beginning.

+The OST is the best in the entire series, even having variants of iconic tracks from previous games. What makes the OST so good is how varied the soundtrack feels compared to previous entries, where there was always a dominant genre taking the major portion of tracks offered and this game does not suffer from that. 

+The training mode is not only the best of all the Street Fighter entries but is also the best training mode ever created on a fighting game and should be the model to follow for future games. They have recorded inputs, frame data, advantages/disadvantages move per color, good dummy presets, you name it.

+This version is the most balanced Street Fighter to date, where almost any character can defeat any character in both casual and high level (pro) segments.

+Throws still remain at two buttons instead of one button compared to previous entries except Alpha 3, Third Strike, and IV.


-As the Arcade Edition was introduced, the way of obtaining Fight Money was severely dumped to encourage real money usage. While a great majority of the game can be unlocked free, the severity of obtaining FM will make the game a very critical grind in terms of difficulty. The game needed to have a way of obtaining everything without using real money.

-It would have been very interesting to see the return of the ISM's from the Alpha 3, at least as a V-Trigger variant, Alpha counters from the Alpha series, universal parries from III and Focus attack and Kara cancels from IV. Good mechanics needed to be recycled to the next game, not eliminated completely.

-No chip damage except with Critical Arts was a big letdown. Chip damage should always be present and not restricted to Critical Arts finish.

-Online play is and always has been bad, except for a decent minority of 5 bars cable connections. (It was good from PC to PC when the Altimor patch was introduced, but later Capcom got rid of it. This is not delay-based netcode, this is rollback netcode (the implementation found in fighting games like Killer Instinct, Skullgirls, etc) so not sure what happened in the optimization of it. The online portion of the should always offer exceptional performance.

-Online training from Street Fighter IV is absent. That mode should have been implemented in this game and future entries as well.

-The game favors too much the Crush Counter system implemented.

-The lobby system missed an opportunity when there are 4 or more characters waiting than instead of forcing players to spectate the ones fighting, an option to fight among the players waiting should have been implemented.

-The parry system shouldn't have been restricted to Ryu, Alex, Gill (and Akuma to some extend), as it should have been universal. Also, they should have implemented the Ultra/Revenge bar from Street Fighter IV, which helped to have a bar for both Ultra's and Super's respectively, not both combined as with previous entries.

-The story mode was very lukewarm and lackluster were even the voice acting seems forced. For an IP like Street Fighter, the story should be very interesting and rewarding.  

-The V-Skill both I and II moves of some characters were downgraded moves from previous interactions or were new moves that don't favor the character, thus becoming useless moves. All the V-Skills of all the characters should be strong to raise the potential of characters even more.

-The way of selecting a character version from previous versions of the same game, something did in Street Fighter IV, was absent. That would greatly help with balancing even more.

-Too many costumes for some characters and very few for others.

-While the combos are lenient, they seem to be limited compared with other entries.
Fun game. I'm pretty trash, but still fun!
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Foreword: I still remember times when you could just buy games without having done 2 Hours of intensive Internet research, hardly Bugs, no fixes, just module fed Into THE SNES and off you go the 2D Fun and the Best is, ES HAT ALSO FUNKTIONERT! Crazy right? To the Game: Played For a Week, have long considered whether I should evaluate it positively or negatively until a Thing has finally been the Decisive factor in the Negative. RANKEDMATCHES KNOW ONE ONE KURZ VOR LOSE GELEAVED WERDEN WORT JEGLICHE STRAFE FOR THE LEAVENDEN?! WTF!?! But first, a few more Facts to the Game: The Game is released with ridiculous Story mode, all in all cost me 60 Minutes and I was through ... The Game is released with a Survival mode, where you can unlock new Colors for the Chars when You pass, the highest Difficulty = 100 wins in a row. The big Problem is unfortunately that you only get the Rewards online but the Server likes to kick me in the middle of the Game, last time I was at 75 wins (about 1h playing time) and bäm! icked, Mode immediately ended! Yay! Very motivating to do this again ... Just a big Time-waste As long as the Servers don't get better. Only 16 Characters for the Release is also a bit mau, but probably just ok, in the Middle of the Year the first 6 are to be added, then 22 Characters would be. And that's actually already, there are still Private Lobbies, bit training Mode, weak Tutorial, and of course the Reason why I actually bought the Game, the Ranked Matches. I could easily look past all the Negative Above if the ranking matches, pretty much the only thing you can do in this Game at the moment, didn't have the Above-mentioned Blemish. Have now made 30 Ranked Games, of which 8 times the Opponent has levased just before Lots and 4 times the Result just wasn't saved on the Server, so in 12 out of 30 Games don't get Rankings, again I have to say very very motivating the Whole thing ... If I get a 10 Games Winning Streak Displayed at Rankedstart with my Opponent, but in the first 1.2 seconds of the Game I can simply beat him 2 times straight on his silly Fresco without big Detours, it is already clear that you just have your time here just passing your Time again. Because he will leaven. That this Behavior is not (yet) punished by Capcom is unforgivable to me, since this Mode in my Opinion at the moment the only Reason is to buy this Game in its current State at all. Oh yes, Gameplay is great and so blabla, Ken now has a dirty Balg, Ryu is still a ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ of the from Bridge to bridge wanders under which he can sleep, Tits and Asses everywhere, no more Buck, am just pretty mad, 60 Euro mad you could say ... A Fu ckin Family MAN! Edit: P3nn3r is censored, but Dirty Balg, Tits and Asses don't, all clear XD