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I feel like there was a lot of potential here but the story failed to captivate me, characters were one note, and the gameplay was clunky. I did enjoy the worldbuilding and customization but the overall product falls short

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Unnecessarily boring and long Fights. The story I liked so much, The Gameplay is unfortunately sometimes very frustrating and monotonous. For a few euro you can still get it, and as long as you don't have too high a claim certainly have a few hours of fun as well.
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Microsoft from French
The grip is far from good, either with the keyboard or with the controller, one is impossible to configure and the other is too difficult to handle. Good, level game, it's pretty simple, it's a mix of LOL (for cards) and Monster Hunter (for enemies) but less handsome, less pushed and with a bad physical objects. In short, this is a PSP game ported to PC with only the finest graphics and all DLC included. I did not like the anime, but the game seems to me worse, even if level scenario it seems almost identical. Stopped without having finished the game, I would probably never continue, the lack of diversity and the impression of being locked in small rooms are too important.
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Microsoft from French
GER is rather entertaining and taking in its concept of 50% preparation, 50% execution. We give you a mission, you equip yourself accordingly (nothing very rocket, weaknesses are announced in 95% of cases and there are 4 elements + 2 possible types to weapons) and car Simone. Then, depending on the streum, you must adopt an optimum attack tactic. Aiming at certain parts, weakening and farting protections (links) with repeated blows... In the end, the addictive side comes from the fact that we finally focus on the action + loot + craft part and finally improvement of the perso/Squad of an action-RPG. It's very dynamic, fast, furious but also a little tactical, for my part I loved the fights. So on the other hand yes it is intrinsically hyper repetitive in execution. There are about 6 ~ 7 maps, they are not very large and also a limited number-to a lesser extent-of the bestiary which is then derived ad-nauseam. There is a lot of possibilities of customization and customizations especially in terms of character and especially the bullet editor which is complex but also a powerful tool. With some OP bullets the game becomes particularly simplified. AI is not a great help to damage and serves primarily as support & heal. The difficulty varies according to the monsters in the menu of the mission and the context (solo, partners imposed and inevitably not upped, multiple encounters in a reduced space), sometimes it will be necessary to fill the pockets of items of care, pomegranate and boosts. TLDR: a nice incursion into the genre, as soon as we can cope with the repeatability of the action phases. On the other hand, denuvo for a PSP Portage? Oh, really?