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Grand Theft Auto V review
by AutoDMC

Grand Theft Auto 5 is not my first Grand Theft Auto, but it's the first one I've completed.  I found the story to be very engaging, and the three characters all horrible people in their own way.  The driving is tight and fun, and I often found myself just stealing a car to go out on a drive, with no need to go on any specific missions.

The checkpointing system is pretty tolerant.  It keeps the difficulty curve for missions where it should be, but doesn't punish you too horribly when you mess up.  This keeps the momentum of the game moving forward in a way that previous installments of the game failed to do.

I love the colors and vibrancy of Los Santos, but felt at times that the depravity of this alternative California was played a little too over the top... almost to a Saints Row level. At those times I felt a little taken out of the universe, but it was all in good fun.

All in all I had fun playing every single mission in the game, and even some of the side content.  I'd recommend going through the campaign without becoming too distracted by the sidequests in order to get the most enjoyment out of the game.  There's always plenty of time available after the campaign to destroy advertisements and get naughty pictures with the paparazzi.
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»

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Still going for a reason.
The cleanest GTA gameplay yet, three playable characters and tons of multiplayer content.
Peak GTA.
The game is good, but not perfect. The world is vast and interesting, but too scripted (in particular, constantly recurring "random events"). The plot is not without flaws either. The plot is excellent and at first it seems that everything is great, but then you realize that there is a lot not implemented in this game. For example, Franklin has not been given due attention. You are given only one mission "a la San Andreas", and then they flush his line down the toilet. Trevor is good, but his line quickly slides down as soon as he arrives in town. Michael has a single sustained line, but very standard and cliched. The robberies are surprising at first, but by the 3rd robbery they start to get boring. Overall a cult game, but with a lot of hidden problems.
«Better with friends»
Finally got to to play this game. I get why people contest this with GTA IV for the best gta game. But frankly both are entirely on different spectrums. GTA IV is more grounded and lets you connect with the protagonist more. In GTA V, its all about over the top scenarios and high octane action sequences.  
GTA V is much larger with a densely packed Los Santos with a ton of stuff to do. 

Loved this game
«Can’t stop playing»
love how free flowing it is
«Buggy as hell»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Sit back and relax»
It looks fantastic and it plays smoothly. Trevor, Michael and Franklin are fun characters with great interactions. The story is pretty good and has tons of great missions.
More than a worthy sequel to the franchise
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«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
I only recommend half of this game. If you're interested in primarily the online, do not get your hopes up. It is extremely grindy and monetized like a free to play game. Most missions are bland and largely not worth doing from both a reward and fun perspective. Lobbies are also plagued with griefers and hackers.

Now onto the good half, story mode. Story mode offers a fun narrative with decent set pieces. The structure of the game does feel dated though. I know the game is called Grand theft Auto but there is so much brain dead driving back and forth, only being made somewhat bearable when dialogue is happening. Almost every mission, you need to drive to, then watch a cutscene, then drive somewhere else to do some shooting (or some other set piece); rinse and repeat. However, when you are not doing an excessive amount of driving, the missions are pretty enjoyable. Side missions though are a mixed bag. Some are good and others you're driving a slow tow truck to cover someone's job. Despite, all my gripes I still had a very good time with this game and I'd like to attribute this to the larger than life characters, heists, and set pieces.
«Beaten more than once»