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Assassin’s Creed Rogue review
by Luke Irvin

This was super hard to decide on a rating. To start off, at first, this seems like a complete Black Flag clone. And in a lot of ways it is. A lot of the basic gameplay is EXACTLY the same as Black Flag. As you progress later into the game, it becomes clear that those are the only similarities. A ton of new ideas and features were added, all of them being really interesting or useful. It's nice to see a bit of the payoff for playing Liberation too. Story-wise, as usual, is amazing. I love how this tied all of the other Kenway saga games together and explained a lot of holes in the story. Ultimately, what caused the "Recommended" rating, and not the "Exceptional" rating, is the side-quests. The side quests are one of the most unique and exciting parts in the game..... until you realize that the many hours of work only result in a cosmetic item. A massive letdown. In Black Flag, or really any Assassin's Creed to date, you would get a useful piece of armor, or a sword, or something to that effect. This was a huge step backwards in my opinion, there haven't been "pointless" collectibles since the original game. Overall, a great game, with tons of memorable moments, and I would still recommend this to a lot of gamers. 
«That ending!»
«OST on repeat»

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Mechanically you get a carbon copy of AC3/4, with a useless new weapon. The concept of the story would be interesting if the story was well told. Playing a Templar isn't as exciting as you think it would be.
«Sit back and relax»
«Waste of time»
I ran through this game in a matter of 6-7 hours. If you played Black Flag, then you will find *nothing* new here. But at least one game in AC universe focuses more on the Templars who aren't portrayed as the "definitely evil guys" as was always the case before. Except for that, Rogue has nothing interesting to offer.
«Sit back and relax»
I really liked this one as DLC for ACIV.
Interesting to see the situation from the other side, but it outstays it's welcome by quite a bit
like other assassin's creed games
«Beaten more than once»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Top Game with very nice Graphics and Environment "my Faforit, we go penguins scare" Playfully as well as Control class. Basically great except for a small-mindedness, the Story. Unlike his Predecessors, rather Tired and loveless. Those who have become Accustomed to a Story with Depth like Black Flag with great Characters with whom You can laugh and eventuel also forgets a Tear, is deceived here. It basically just goes hey kill all the People from old, End. I was, to be honest, disavesdropping on the Story of something like that, there was more Love put into Liberation and the is known to be Quite Gap. Still, was quest Side mission ect. As far as it is concerned, it's fun and except for a few really absolutely insignificant minibugs, nothing about mecker. Buy it worth it even at £50p
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Yes, I have to admit quite honestly that the Game disappointed me after just under 15 Hours of Storycontent, precisely because it is only so short. It plays the Time after Blackflag about 20-30 Years later only in a new Persepctive. The Control is still good & Graphics as well, you can do a lot of Side Stuff/Missions, but didn't have a lust to do everything again because it already involves a lot of Effort (already know it from Blackflag). Blackflag is much better in my Eyes & also somewhat emotional, so I can only recommend Rogue to a limited extent, really something new from the "Real life" experience is not done in this Game either, although this Concept has been quite well involved. Conclusion: If you want some Background Knowledge on Blackflag, the right thing to do is here, but otherwise you shouldn't expect too much from the Game.
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Ubisoft has visibly lost his Mind. Rogue didn't get An E3 presentation, is only 6 Sequences long (or short), was treated by his Own corporation more like an Appendage to the Assassins Creed series, and was in the End the "better Unity." Because Rogue combines a good, innovative Story with proven, fun gameplay elements, and Unlike big Brother Unity, is a consistently solid Piece of Software. The Game has a large, open, living world, which, as in AC4, is passable with its own Ship. But In order not to be the same game, Ubisoft has inserted a few new gameplay elements, such as conquering entire Settlements and Removable Fortresses and Headquarters on land rather than just in Forts in The Water. These new Elements fit neatly into the Story, because as a later Templar we make common Cause with the British And fight in the Seven Years ' War against the Assassins and Their French Allies, i.e. every fortress and Settlement taken is taken by the British Occupied. The Story can also be seen, and so the Templar Shay Cormac is a further good Break from the Assassin unitary porridge after Pirate Edward Kenway. It is only a pity that the Story is in the End shorter than in other Parts, since the Resources were probably used here for Unity rather than for Rogue. I think it is a Wrong Decision, as I think, that the Insight into the Templar Order as well as the Beginning of AC3 is a welcome Change, both from a story and Gameplay. All in all, I issue a Buy recommendation to everyone who found AC4 good and disappointed with AC5. It's a good Offforce to Black Flag and is a lot of Fun despite the short Story.