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Wizard of Legend review
by theworstmaker

Wizard of Legend is currently the standard I use when playing different Rogue-likes. It is a standard in the sense that it has different spells, stat boosts, stages filled with enemies, and a boss at the end of a stage all while presenting game mechanics that work well. The amount of diversity between spells and combo's that can be preformed are something that helps this game a lot. Many games that claim to have a diverse moveset generally have slight variations of the same move take up a majority of the spells or moves that the game has. Wizard of Legend actually manages to be one of the few games that has a "diverse" moveset. Nearly every spell is different from the next and can also combo into another. The spells certainly do have a flashy element to them when used properly. Enemies are diverse in their design and how they attack, but the thing holding them back is how the games combo system letting every encounter be the same. When coming into a group of enemies, you will burst them with spells and repeat until the boss of the level i reached. Some enemies do require a bit more to be taken down, but the standard fight will be the burst. This isn't to say this is a complete negative, this is more coming from someone who has played the game enough to understand how to properly burst enemies and beat them easily. The bosses are definitely fun to play against. They remain challenging and still give me trouble in runs during the late game. 
I recommend the game if you are looking for something to pick up for a bit on the side every now and then. It's something I would rather play on the switch due to how short the rounds.

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I like the idea. I don’t know if I will like the game that much though. The gameplay so far feels a bit generic so the builds will need to be the main selling point. But if the number of spells keeps it interesting it might be fun for a bit.

I’m curious how many different spells there are and how that can affect the gameplay. But so far I don’t love the gameplay. It feels a bit stiff. It’s not bad though for what I assume was a game made by few people.

It’s growing on me. I’m wanting to beat it once. I’m getting a better feels for the rhythm and I do like the diversity in spells.

Damnit I had my best run yet and then blew it on the second council boss fight. There was a sliver of health left. I had excellent spells that felt good for my play style and then I had multiple items that had health regen. I honestly thought I’d go all the way but I got caught on a blender. You can really lose all your health fast I’m this game. It can all go to shit quick. I’m liking this game more and more though. It’s a bit slow in the roguelite aspects. I wish you could affect your build quicker but once you get a good run going it is actually quite fun. And addicting. I was on the fence about whether I’d keep playing till I beat it but now I’m feeling determined.

I’m liking WOZ more and more. It’s still not a high score but well worth the 5$ and I’ve been having fun. I’ve made it to the final boss and his second stage then lost, which was tragic. Then the next round I lost to 3-3 boss with a unique basic attack build that was working really well but I fucked up the rhythm and got caught in a blender. 

Took me maybe 5 or 6 more tries after losing to the final boss to get back and I beat him the next time. Funnily enough it was on a run that I wasn’t very confident in. I had the item that makes you higher damage but spells cost gold which I didn’t really “like” but I combined it with a few other higher damage items and some critical hit items including vampire. It ended up working well. Fun game.

Final Score: B
Translated by
Microsoft from French
In the skin of the... Sorcerer of legend. The object of this paper is nothing more than to offer you a vision of the game on the form a narration where one embodies the or one of the protagonists of the game. Rest assured, past these few lines, you will not find any "spoil" of the game, there is nothing but an atmosphere and some impressions. It is with a mixture of excitement and enthusiasm that I pass the threshold of the Museum of Lanova. Who would have thought that there would be an exhibition on magic? Yes of magic, no vulgar tricks of saltimbanque, no catch-nigauds, no cards, no rabbit coming out of a hat, but true magic, this science that shaped the centuries, pushed back the limits of possible, forged the brightest spirits of which only a handle were able to make themselves masters. Perhaps I put the small dishes in the big ones, but under the weight of such an event, here I bend to wear one of these ancestral costumes worn by the former scholars, eminent members of the occult. So here I am, accoutted from head to toe in a vast Scarlet cloak, my silhouette carving sharply, the face remaining masked, caulk in the darkness. I'm rushing inside the building. After having made the rounds of a few showcases, mixing me with this vulgar and common Plebs that does not understand anything about the scope of the knowledge offered to him, I am fortunate to be able to try one of these spells that have made the fame and excellence of Wizards of ancient times. So yes, Yes, it's nothing more than an imitation, a pale copy, the fruit of today's technology. Here, with this illusion, my fingers are agitated and, under my eyes, air blades gusts ready to cut my environment, then later I would even have the opportunity to experience the power of fire! Wonderful arcane that is, knowledge of the occult, indomitable passion of the elements, this ingenuity, this knowledge, this excellence were finally mine or almost because after all I could see that with spite that it was nothing more than holograms , simagrées, fantasies made to amuse all and anyone, worse to ridicule the great magic! Oh as I regretted the ancient times of the "proofs of chaos", initiatory Rite established by the Council of magic which was intended to distinguish the, the "wizards of legend". I found in the Museum a copy of these proofs, more ersatz who had not discovered any thanks to my eyes. But behold, that my gaze is finally on exposed portraits of the so-called members of this Council: Atlas, gruff and franc, master of the Earth, freiya as cold as ice or even zeal the Tamer of fire... Oh how I would have liked to rub shoulders with them, tell them about miles and magic, cursed artifacts or simply defy them. Soon, as I had returned along and across the aisles of the exhibition, an event occurred, while I was facing one of those relics of chaos... A shock, a lightning, a Flash burst and I was caught up in another world. I woke up completely Haggard in a place I didn't know and in another time. It was a simple masure, my new home and what was not my surprise to meet with companions Oh how special. But that was not the important thing. I was no longer an insignificant and ordinary being, Yes, I was no longer a member of the herd disguising itself to satisfy a dubious need of identity, I had been chosen, called by magic and soon I would face the hardships of chaos, this maze filled with traps and monsters, and I would triumph to become the greatest sorcerer.... The sorcerer.
A nice beat em up game in the dungeon setting. The gameplay is complicated with all these different magic attacks and so on, but you get used to it surprisingly quickly. With awesome pixel art and pleasant music this game becomes one of the best indie platformers for me right now. 
The gameplay is very repetitive and hard to master. But what annoys me more is the fact that some items just don’t work properly. I mean, we have dozens of things here, their features sound great, you pick one and it does nothing. Disappointed.