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Rakuen review
by Anton

Ok, let's get this out of the way, this is an RPG Maker game, but compared to 99% of what you might've seen on that engine, this game is truly exceptional, I might even say I liked it better than To The Moon, which means a lot by itself.

Rakuen is a true roller-coaster of emotions, it's a story about real world, a disaster and real people trying to get through it, and it's a story about a fantasy world of lovely creatures, floating islands and so on. And what's more important is that they're both intertwined throughout the whole game. You jump through dimensions and observe how the both are connected. That way the creator (a talented composer, who worked on music for To The Moon) tried to show us the same story of the same people but from completely different angles. Despite the vast character cast, all of them are well-written and most of them will unveil their deep story during the playtime.

TL;DR: Rakuen is one of my personal highlights, and one of the best combat-free story-driven RPGs to this day. And yes, I cried, a lot...
«That ending!»

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This game first got my attention because of its art design. Everything is colorful and cute, it's like this magical world is inviting you to join and make part of the adventure.
Don't expect a game with battles/XP/powers. It's a low-interactive game in which you can follow a well structured story about a boy and his mother in the hospital, and also the magical Rakuen world.
Sometimes you might get lost during long journeys and puzzles and get bored, but don't give up! Your journey and the ending are rewarding.
The soundtrack is one of the most amazing I've ever seen - by Laura Shigihara - and I listen the musics on spotify very often! 
A very beautiful and touching story that will make you cry. 
If you like pixel-art and relaxing games, then this is for you. 
«Blew my mind»
«Sit back and relax»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Tbh I expected much more of this game than it actually offers. The reviews and the art are setting up a good mood for a story based game but honestly it is just boring. The game doesn't deliver a powerful message and it is tedious at times while figuring out why you keep playing it. Sadly I can't give the game back anymore. Pro: - Artwork - love has been put into the game - typical non combat RPG Maker experience - Good BGM Con: - Story is nothing original - Tedious and obvious puzzles - long and unnecessary walks A>B>A>B .. etc - too much dialogue
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Product received for free Laura is so talented and all the years that went into this project with the help of some other very talented individuals (even if I don't know them yet) results in a perfect game for literally EVERYBODY there are so many emotions in it and the most interesting aspect of it for me was, that every player might react different to a specific situation in the game - depending on their own life experience Rakuen might take you out to a fantasy world but it's so close to reality and talks about humanity , friendship and love I love it and you will love it!
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What the hell. Rakuen Begins as a la To The Moon in a hospital. Only gradually do you come to the conclusion that the Patients and their respective Stories become the Main Heroes. The first three To four hours you build a certain Relationship with the People, which makes Pacing very slow (almost too slow). Rakuen also has a certain Variety Of puzzles in it, so you shouldn't be averse to Thinking. But what's going on in the last hour or two Is just not fair to your Feelings anymore. Even if it seemed a bit lame to me from time to time, everything clears up in the End and is worth your seven To eight hours completely. This will have an effect for a long time to come ... If you're looking for something in The Style of To The Moon and you're out for a Emotion, let Rakuen Be the Game of your Choice. Wow.
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Rakuen is a Mixture of cute and tragic and actually not bad-yet I won't continue playing after 4h. The Reason for this is the arduous Game mechanics. 80% of the Game consists of holding down the Arrow Keys to run somewhere. In the remaining 20%, you scroll unbearably slowly through Text Dialogues that you can neither accelerate nor cancel. On Top of That, the Tasks are very schematic. You are looking for a Thing A, but you only get it if you bring Your B to an NPC, which is only possible if you do C, which is divided into two Tasks C1 and C2, which you solve only if you bring NPCs the opponent D or E What more NPCs have to be fulfilled, and so on. This is long, but at the same time undemanding. As Plus points you can name diverse, sometimes funny Characters-especially the Sideswipes on Genre Stereotypes are often very funny! -as well as the unusual Mixture of Tragedy and Cuteness. Personally, however, this is simply not enough for me as Motivation at this Point. Maybe I'm just not the Line group, though.