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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review
by jordFara

It's all right. It seems to be trying to be Uncharted with Souls-like combat, but it executes neither aspect well. The only saving grace is that it's Star Wars. It's buggy as hell and the movement feels so muddy. The dodge/roll is so slow. The climbing and parkour remind me of the early Assassin's Creed games from 10+ years ago, where you're clearly reaching for a rope or the next hold and your character just jumps into the abyss. Some of the most annoying enemies are the goat-like things which can kill you in a hit or two, or hit you just right so that you slide off a cliff. Also, you'll slide off cliffs a lot. 

I lowered the difficulty and still had all of these issues. I ditched this game 5 hours in and picked up Uncharted 4, enjoying it so much more. The phrase is a bit of a cliche when it comes to video games these days, but this game did NOT make me feel like a Jedi at all. Coming from Respawn, I was expecting it to feel similar to Titanfall 2 which had very fluid movement and fun gameplay. This one is just a slog.

I didn't get into much of the story, but there were such long gaps between the story that I wasn't following. I played on PC and it is graphically impressive, although visually kind of drab. 

The customization is a joke. The most visible customization is the ponchos. They're ugly as hell. Why not give us robes, capes, tunics? The lightsaber customization is the best part, but you really only notice the color of the lightsaber, which there are only a few.

I cannot understand the praise all of this game gets. I understand plenty of people have enjoyed it, but they must admit it has many flaws. My favorite aspects of the game were the graphics, hearing bits of Star Wars lore that connects to other stories (hearing about the recent Clone Wars, for example), and maybe the choreography of lightsaber attacks. And not the attacks that you the player are performing, but when you hit your enemy with your last blow and then the game takes over and shows you a well-choreographed cinematic. They were pretty, but I also hate when games take control out of your hands just to do something pretty. 
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»

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Save yourself some time please👎🏽👎🏽
«Waste of time»
Fallen Order has a lot of positives, but also a lot of room for improvement. The combat is the main positive. It was challenging but not in a frustrating way. I usually agreed the deaths were my fault. The boss jedi fights were particularly good around the end. This is the main positive of this game but fortunately it’s arguably the most important part. It’s great lightsaber combat that looks and feels good. But now on to some criticism. I think the characters are dumb. I think the story was dumb except for the end. The progression in this game is very poor, it takes too long to obtain new moves. The customization was awful. It’s like they got the easy things wrong. Why did he only have the normal clothes or a poncho? And why was the customization for the ship a thing when you don’t see it. The lightsaber customization was fun but it just should have been better because they put such an emphasis on finding these boxes. Also the game isn’t big enough. There should have been like 3 more planets rather than going back to the same ones multiple times. Graphically the game is alright. For the most part it looks pretty good but nothing special, but there are a couple parts that downright look bad. That being said, in the end I still had a blast with this game but I guess I just can’t be satisfied because this game could have been top tier. It had the makings for top tier so that’s the disappointing part.

Final Score: A-
Well, this was a massive disappointment. Couldn't even finish, or barely get into it. Playing this is like playing Tomb Raider over and over again, getting bored shitless of it, moving on to Fallen Order, then realising it's just a shit version of the bulk standard climb/jump/puzzle/shoot game that you just played, but not nearly as good. 

I really couldn't wait to take the Jedi journey, as a lover of all things Star Wars, but this journey is about as fun as walking to your mother-in-law's on a pissy cold, wet and windy Sunday morning, to rub cream into her cracked ankles. 

The planets are boring, the graphics are a bit shit - more akin to something made 10 years ago- and the mechanics are shit. It's 2020, how is my leg disappearing into a cliff rock? And that's just fucking one of many.

The story had potential for about 20 minutes, but then all hope of a great game turned to dust. 

Perhaps EA should just stick to their crappy sports games. Fallen Jedi was so much wasted potential. It's like they couldn't even be bothered to make any real effort. 'Fuck it, it's Star Wars. It'll sell'.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
Finally, a good Star Wars game.
Good: Story, Combat style
Bad: Should have a side quests, or companion quests for the price of the game. 
It's been so long since we've seen a truly phenomenal Star Wars game, that's where Jedi: Fallen Order comes in.

Fallen Order is a action adventure game developed by Respawn Entertainment. The story takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. In it you play as Cal Kestis, a Jedi padawan, and survivor of Order 66. Five years later he finds himself teamed up with Cere, Greeze and the droid BD-1 to restore the Jedi Order.

Overall the story is fantastic, the characters unique and memorable, and it FEELS like a Star Wars story. It's engaging, fun, funny, and everything that makes a Star Wars story good. There's truly no dull moment in the plot.

The combat is a load of fun as well, and surprisingly challenging. Each enemy has it's own unique attack pattern, and you'll have to utilize abilities and skills you'll unlock progressively throughout the game, and strategy to gain the upper hand. I found myself having to play on easy mode for my first playthrough, but will for sure bump it up next time. Overall it's rewarding, and like I said before, a ton of fun. 

I enjoyed the puzzle solving aspects as well, and the only element of the gameplay I didn't care for too much was the platformy aspect. It felt very much borrowed from games like Uncharted or Tomb Raider, and didn't feel too original. On top of that it got kinda repetitive as you did a lot of backtracking during the game, at least if you wanted to 100% the maps. 

An added thing I really appreciated was the customization. Throughout the game, if you choose to explore, find chests and all that, you'll unlock a surprisingly large variety of customization options for Cal, BD-1, The Mantis, and your lightsaber. I've waited so long for a Star Wars game with this level of lightsaber customization, and it was really cool.

Graphically this game was beautiful. Every new, and familiar planet was breathtaking to look at. I found myself stopping just to gaze at the beauty of the game multiple times. There's a few bugs and glitches throughout, but nothing game breaking.

Overall Jedi: Fallen Order is a fantastic addition to the Star Wars expanded universe, and a worth game for any fan of the franchise.

«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Such a tremendous game!  The graphics and animation were truly jawdropping for me.  The story was enthralling and I really enjoyed how they tied it into the prequels.  All the characters had depth and this is something I wish the sequel trilogy had going for it, with the exception of maybe Kylo Ren's character played to perfection by Adam Driver.

Onto the gameplay, they were very good.  A mix of Dark Souls and the Batman Arkham games for fighting.  The level-up and re-explore previous places - very Batman and Metroid Prime-esque.  They way to were able to tie all of his gaining of new abilities via flashback worked well for me.
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»
This game is pure Star Wars, there’s no denying that. It pushes the franchise to its limits with personality. Combat is deliberate but not without its frustrations. Exploration is engaging and rewarding. If I never slide down another ice ramp in a game again, I’d be more than okay with that. The game could have benefited from a few more months in the oven for polish. 4/5
'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' is a souls-like with great graphics, level design, and an awesome narrative. I had difficulty on PS4 with the input delay during some fights making parrying on Master Jedi difficulty really inconsistent. I ended up dropping it to normal during the second to last boss fight. The overall controls were very clunky at times and some of the platforming was rage inducing. 'Fallen Order' is forgiving in it's leveling system as you get to keep stat points you've accumulated, but still lose all experience you gain when you die to keep within that souls-like vibe. The "camp fires"  are perfectly placed, making progression less of a chore. I was finished with it when the credits rolled and had no desire to go back and collect everything as most of the items were cosmetic. I payed $34 on Amazon which is a great price for the entertainment I got out of it.
What Fallen Order fails to capture with its polish and overarching gameplay it provides in an engrossing story and enjoyable combat. At about midway through this game, I felt like a Jedi and that's why I was playing to begin with. What I didn't expect was a character I cared about and a story that actually made me want to continue just as much as unlocking the next force power. The game is extremely linear but it makes up for that with a dynamic mix of enemies and ways to attack them.

I think it could have done with more time in the oven as there are a good amount of glitches and bugs that took place through my playthrough but they never prevented me from enjoying myself. I cannot wait to see what Respawn does with this series going forward. 
This is a very good game, and one of the best Star Wars games. The narrative pacing, sound design, and character interactions/dialog coalesce to make it instantly recognizable as authentically Star Wars. It is far from perfect however. Many of the components which surround the core experience feel hastily implemented. The map is needlessly confusing, the sliding sequences are frustrating, and some of the characters introduced later in the game are very shallow and uninteresting. More often than not, however, the core experience is so well done that these complaints are diminished.

This game compares well to the first Uncharted game. As such, I'm hoping the success of this game affords Respawn the time to make the next entry in the series truly great. 
In summary Jedi Fallen Order is fantastic. The gameplay is satisfying, the sound design is great, the graphics are aesthetically pleasing and the story is awsome. There a few negatives but they are pretty relevant within this amazing game.

The gameplay, in sumary is extremely satisfying. There are a few issues where it is buggy, resulting in falling through the map occasionally and frame rates droppping when the game renders but these are minor issues overall and can be easily overlooked especially when the game recieves its patch. It is significantly more difficult than most other star wars titles. That can mainly be put down to the combat system and is definitely not a problem. This game is not a hack and slash like the compared Force Unleashed series. The combat system is designed around patience and counter attacks, not being aggressive and reckless which I believe reflects the story in itself as the main character Cal constantly questions the consequences of his decisions in the story. The game rewards you for taking your time and thinking your way around problems, especially when exploring as you can quickly acquire higher force and health quantities if you look around planets properly. Although this is not necessary to beat the game it makes it a lot easier to complete with the upgrades recieved from exploring. You collect powers as you progress through the story and re-build Cal's connection to the force which then allows you to further explore planets you have previously visited which adds to the replayability. It is extremely replayable as you want to go back to the planets you visited to collect everything from the lightsaber customization to the ponchos and ship customization. The customization system isn't the best but it offers a great deal of options, I don't have a problem with not being able to make your own character because this game primarily tells Cal's story, a REAL story with REAL people. That is what I really want to emphasise with this review.

The story moves at a brisk yet REAL pace, everything that happens does so in a realistic time frame. What I mean to say is that most star wars content we recieve including force wielders never tells a human and satisfying story, this game changes that massively. The story feels human, all characters feel real and each of them have their scars and traumas but continue on with their journies anyway. Even the main companion BD-1 feels like he is real, all of these characters have flaws, they all have something they need to face; they all do so in this story and it results in a powerful and REAL story. The ending is satisfying and completely makes sense for these characters and their arc's. This is a very real star wars story and I think has shone light on what stories star wars is capable of. You don't see a Jedi slash his way through everything, you see a frightened and traumatised man face his fears to become something great and constantly question if what he is doing is right. This isn't just a story about a Jedi and his crew, this is a story about a man becoming a Jedi, earning that title, seeing the mental barriers along the way and learning to cope with his problems to do everything that he does in the story. This is a redmeption and development story, I love every character involved in this story. You see optimism, corruption and genuine emotional complexity in all characters which is furthered by the great voice acting and lip syncing. Overall I think that this game is incredible and is necessary to play at least once, to watch the legacy of a hero develop.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»