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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne review
by jordFara

I rarely get into the deep, dense games that require a lot of a time commitment these days. Having never played a Monster Hunter game before, this required a lot of my time to get into. I'd say I was probably 60 hours in once I really "got" it. And even before I really got it, I was hooked. If you're wondering if you could handle a game like this, I'd recommend just getting the very basics of the game down and keep playing. The game continues to open up and teach you more the farther you go.

There's something so satisfying about losing to a terrifying beast 4 times then finally overcoming it with everything you learn with each death. Whenever I approach a new monster, I'm legitimately scared. It's so intimidating that I spend a lot of time both mentally preparing and preparing my character with the right decorations and items. But once you're a few minutes into that first battle, you start identifying the monster's patterns. That monster which was once terrifying is now a dummy that you can manipulate and have a little fun with. Playing through World, Nergigante was the first very challenging monster for me. After overcoming him, I felt like he was my monster. Then it was Kushala-Daora. Then Barioth (that bitch). Point is, not every monster takes tons of practice, but every couple do. And those real challenging ones are very satisfying, and you feel a connection to them.

I only play solo. I'm a little older with a full-time job, so it's hard to find friends that can commit to a game like this. I know that the game must be so much more fun with a regular team you can hunt with. I'm 160 hours in and haven't even finished the Iceborne story yet. You can really play this game at your own pace which I enjoy. Now I'm getting more in-tune with the community, updates and events. So now I see tons of great gear that are only obtainable from quests that require a certain level that I haven't hit yet, so I am feeling some pressure to finish the story and rank up.

A game hasn't captivated me like this in a very long time. If you're a newcomer to the series and can get through the first few hours, it is well worth whatever price you paid for it.

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