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The Count Lucanor review
by Laura

Didn't blow my mind like Yuppie Psycho did but still VERY good in its own right. Mixes the right amount of cuteness and creepiness with fun puzzles and quirky characters. It also has some of the most satisfying endings too, especially for a horror game, that will put a smile after your face after you finish playing. 

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Microsoft from Deutsch
About two Weeks Ago I received an E-mail to make me a Game called The Count Lucanor Palatable. Since the Title told me so unflinchely, I already wanted to click on looseness when the near Release date and the Possibility of a Press key caught my Eye. After a short Search, I noticed the many positive Opinions on metacritic and Steam and I decided to give the Game a chance. Since the official Release was within Reach, it should be quite playable and from touted Mixture of Zelda and Silent Hill the first Raised duvance suggests really good for me. I'm not a Player of survival horror games at all. Not at all. I just played through ZombiU and never held out more lax than 30-40 Minutes at the Field. I just don't like the Combination of Jump Scares and too little Ammunition. At The Count Lucanor, however, there is not even ammunition that I haet can waste, because one has chosen the Approach that has already let me uninstall Amnesia after 15 Minutes: You can't defend yourself against Monsters, but have to hide from them And get out of their Way. But how creepy can the Beasts be at the head of this Pixel Graphic? Will I Be Afraid at all? Since I am quite a Schisser as far as something like that is concerned, the Anwtort was clear. In addition to the Horror Factor, however, the Depiction of Violence also surprised me. True to the Men of the Gebrueder Grimm, it is murdered and slotted here that it splashes only in this way. Anyone who thought That Maerchen Children ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ e are washed here. Preferably from rabid Goats. With his own Blood. Unfortunately, the Title could not convince me one hundred percent, which is probably due to my Attitude to the Genre rather than to the Game itself. I was pretty annoyed by how quickly you get a lot of Damage and you die because you made a single Misstep. If you Get Damage, you stop and get damage directly again in most of the Resources, etc. That alone, however, would not yet get me on the Palm tree, but combined with the ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ lame speed with which you move through the Castle and the Fact that you have to pay money every time to Save (which is not infinitely colourable, there is a total ~ 20-30 Muences, from which Counterstavers must also be bought) have already pressed me one time or the other hard. You are happy that you have solved a heavy Raetsel and then waits on the Back to the Storage Point behind the next Tuer directly an Opponent and Oneshoto Me. Yes, thank you very much Too. But as I said, it can also be easy that I play too little survival horror and because something like that is normal. If you have been a bit happy about it and act with more Caution, then everything works much better at some point and even I have progressed pretty well. Over Time, I always liked the Game better, so that I really had fun at the End and loaded my last Score again after the actual end to discover more Ends and secrets. In a Game that I didn't like little at all at first, mind you! So if you're into survival horror and Maerchen and Pixelart, you're probably pretty well advised with The Count Lucanor! Via