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STAR WARS - The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition review
by akadrus

Terrible controls, even with xbox pad. Don't even consider playing on keyboard, it's a nightmare.
Graphics is still ok, sound is well... star-wars-ish. Music is your next game from the series.
Plot is barely holding together, but well.
In the end game is short and gameplay is fun, so why not?

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game has a lot of Potential, but Design Problems that I can't forgive. The Control is basically easy to learn but not without Blemish. It's Fun to kill the Opponents with cool Combos. The Problem is that with ordinary Opponents, the complicated Combos aren't worth it if you can just throw them against the Wall or into an Abyss. Bosses, on the other hand, have the Ability to be vulnerable to a particular Combo or a sponged Ability, so that a Boss fight becomes a frustrating Grind in which you always press the same Buttons and then try to avoid the quite foreseeable Attacks. The Difficulty here is not figuring out the right Combo with which to best defeat a Boss, but to hope that the Boss does not spam his unblockable, inescapable Attack. The Result is frustration and no special Reward when the Fight is finally done. Postitive, on the other hand, is the Design of getting the Enemy done in a cinematic combo battle. Let's get to my two big Criticisms that ultimately led me to give up the Game: 1. Stunlock As a passionate Dark Souls Player, I'm a Fan of fair Game design. I think SW: TFU is not really fair. There are a lot Of Attacks that make sure the Character is thrown to The ground. The problem is that you can hit these Attacks during Cutscenes (which start without Warning and cannot be broken off) and, while you go to ground, you can be hit by all the further Attacks. The Result is: In the first Playthrough you want to use the Area and separate enemies/avoid their Attacks and suddenly a Cut-scene begins. But the Attacks fly and with a bit Of bad luck you die because after the Cutscene you stand next to the Opponent, who carries out his Stroke the moment you first get back In control of the Character. The Checkpoint is, of course, set in such a way that you have to do the Cut-scene again. 2. The Shipyard After some frustrating Hose Levels, you get to a Point where you have to drag a Star Destroyer into a Shipyard. Cool Idea, I thought to myself at the Beginning. Even the Design itself is not bad. Until you have to start the whole 5 Times from The front, because you are shot from 100% to 20% by the numerous TIE fighters in the Stunlock and then killed as soon as an unfavorable Shot catches. Basically no Problem, that makes the Whole thing a little more difficult and at some point you learn to dodge the Shots and destroy the Fighters efficiently. Unfortunately, after a few Period of the journey, the Game no longer allows you to continue. It is not technically possible to finish the Mission unless you do not create it quickly enough, unless you start it anew. Who came up with this? That, to me, was after many frustrating Episodes of the Drops that made the Barrel Overflow. Actually a nice Game with a lot of Potential but so poorly implemented it can be an Agony to work your Way through.
You had one job - to make a game with good combat. But it’s very frustrating here. Enemies attack all at once, the blocking mechanics is horrible and boss fights are awful. Bosses here can make you a lot of damage while not being injured at all even with multiple attacks. I guess, Star Wars in the title sells this game but it’s my great disappointment.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
It’s actually a good Star Wars game. It provides an interesting story with great usage of the Force set in an amazing environment. The gameplay doesn’t feel repetitive ‘cause there are a lot of fighting techniques and different combat mechanics. I also didn’t have many problems with running the game so I don’t share all the complaints about it. The game is short but fun and I can definitely recommend it for Star Wars fans.