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Void Bastards review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Review in Progress:
The game starts off quite simple, probably a bit too simple to be honest but it is trying to slowly tell you how you are supposed to play the game. And it does seem like it will be a fun formula. It looks like it will have some enjoyable crafting and resource management of sorts. Ive enjoyed the humour and I really like the comic book art style.

I died quite a bit at the beginning. I wasn’t focused on obtaining parts for upgrades and then getting out safely I was trying to do too much. I also wasn’t focusing on the ship descriptions enough. This game is less about the FPS combat and more about making a plan of attack. It’s a unique style of game. I’m liking it but one complaint I have is the button layout is weird and the character jumps like an inch. It’s so awkward jumping over objects that you are supposed to be able to jump over.

This game has excellent an upgrades system and resource management. The gameplay loop of planning where your ship goes, deciding which ships to board, what equipment to bring, and which route to take on-board is very enjoyable. A problem with this game is the gameplay is very basic. If this game was smoother and the FPS shooter elements were a bit more important then I think this game could hit a low A-.  As it stands, it’s a low B+. It is addicting though. Just one more ship. One more part. One more upgrade.

The game finished on a high. It didn't overstay it’s welcome. This was a fun filler game that wasn’t a large time commitment. 

Current Score: B+

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Slow start but once you get the hang of the thing it gets fun. But overall stays pretty much the same. Finished in 7h
«Just one more turn»
No game looks more like playing a comic book
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
While the first few levels absolutely blew my mind, the game quickly becomes repetitive and dull. By the time I finished it I just wanted to be out of the gameplay loop.

- The setting is fresh and interesting, though the lack of content does it no favors.
- A roguelike System-Shock-lite experience. Makes me really excited to see the concept with more resources put behind it.
- Simple things like closing doors makes sneaky, avoidant gameplay more interesting. Just being able to run into a room and lock the door behind you opens up the door to a lot of new strategies.
«Blew my mind»
this is fun, maybe a little bit repetitive in the long run
«Blew my mind»