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Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series review
by AssassinGlasgow

Another fantastic Telltale installment. Much like The Walking Dead S1, S2 and The Wolf Among Us, there is excellent writing and dialogue as well as art direction. For this game, Telltale has a slightly different tone, heading into high fantasy with Game of Thrones.

This is based off of the TV show, so if you haven't caught up there will be spoilers for that. There will be MASSIVE spoilers. This will be following from the taile end of season 3 all the way to the end of season 4. It conveniently makes a nice recap game for season 5, while also throwing its own twist into the story.

You play as several people connected to House Forrester, a family that served under the Starks. Each character is unique, and given the new aspect of multiple perspectives, I thought it really refreshed the formula Telltale had established with TWD and TWAU. Writing-wise, still excellent dialogue and situations, and a lot of it was very appropriate to the characters or the show itself. The writers did well in keeping the consistency of the tone of the show. It is dark, dramatic, and full of intrigue, and, in a departure from their previous games, full of gorey violence much like the show. Also, if you did not like the excessive "sexposition" of the show itself, it may be of interest to you that this game (from the time of this writing) has none.

Art-wise, Telltale changes their formula and rather go for a comic book style model for their characters and environment, they opted for an oil painting like texture. The characters still get that slight Telltale cartoon-ish vibe, however, they definitely look much more realistic now. Also, for the characters that we know from the show, they got a lot of the models to look almost perfect to the actor's faces - and to top it off their voices are in the game too. To really drive the point that this is indeed the Game of Thrones universe, they created an opening just like it. A very good touch of fanservice for fans of the series.

Some minor complaints do have to do with some glitches (I had Lady Forrester float behind the fireplace in one scene) and some of the situations just seemed ridiculous or silly and I questioned why they had the character doing that.

Overall, another solid release from Telltale. It's a bit pricier than normal because this game comes with 6 episodes, NOT 5. If that's a deal breaker, pick it up when it goes on sale.


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Trash. Your decision matter even less than in other Telltale games and nothing you do remotely matters.
«Waste of time»
«Reviewers bribed»
Translated by
Microsoft from French
The retro-gamer I am adored this adventure game based on choices the "book you are the hero" if it ever speaks to you. Very faithful the series the atmosphere is well restranscrit. I understand the frustration of the non-English speakers but I totally like it. Finally Enzojoy shame who must work without being paid because it puts a canvas because the complete game is not free. Do not have an iPhone or an Ipad has several hundred euros. Not 20 for a game of this caliber with such a hard game? For others I strongly invite you to test the first episode for free. Many should find their account. One of my favorite games on the AppStore.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Notice all fans of GOT (book as series) and TellTale games, you can darken the eyes closed ... if you master English and enjoy the world of TellTale (more a story that you forge by your choice of dialogue than a pure action game despite many scenes of action). To this day there are no subtitles in French, which should not disturb those who master the language, but for others, perhaps it would be better to abstain rather than leave opinions if unfavorable. The graphics of the game is careful despite a few small bugs, the story is captivating and keeps us in suspense, the characters are endearing (ah, Tyrion ...), in short, it's an excellent game, and for those who grieve that the game is paid and remove him paintings under this pretext, imagine that it is the result of several years of hard work ... and that all work deserves salary (and no, it is not a d !).
Translated by
Microsoft from French
I really liked the game, the atmosphere reflects well the series and the game play (reminiscent of the walking dead and the wolf stuff foo thing I do not remember the exact name) although sometimes a little slow is not so at the end of the day. The game is not free I could not test the rest of the episodes but this excerpt announces a very promising game ... in terms of languages ​​no problem for me but I invite all my French brethren to make progress in English before the game's release ... the bmol concerns the choices that are proposed to us ... to have them all essays in this first episode I confess to have a little bit of that whatever the choice taken the result does not change not much on the course of the story. "Ethan your destiny is to die" God has decided so and this whatever the chosen sentinel and the way to address Ramsay. Same as for the meeting with the queen, she will not be able to feel you whatever the way you brush her hair .... In other words not really free will but a story already predefined by the designer. ..small disappointment that would mriterais modifications ... o canvas less ... the choices made should have a rel impact on the rest of the story ...