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Detroit: Become Human review
by brady

Incredibly dumb, but I love it.

Probably the biggest downfall of the game is that it answers the central question for you. You have to buy in to the idea that androids should be defined as intelligent life and be afforded the same rights as humans in order to reasonably play as 2 of the 3 characters. Pretty stupid idea in my opinion. It really only works as a metaphor for racism, but David Cage isn't smart enough to connect it in any coherent way.

I'm just a sucker for the format, really. I like the choose your own adventure structure. I like that it allows the player to craft the most compelling narrative out of the clay provided. I just wish there was better clay.

I think it would be better if they focused on shorter (cheaper) games so they're less reliant on some dumbass Frenchman creating a long intertwining story that isn't a lot of nonsense.

Very funny that the president in the game is a woman that looks like Hillary Clinton, is named Warren, has a bizarre European accent, and completely inscrutable politics. This is prime Cage here. Throwing a bunch of random touches together with no comprehensible greater meaning. It all ends up being jarringly less than the sum of its parts.

Dogshit. Loved every second.

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