Games I'd Play in VR

Created Apr 10, 2018 by Runaway13077
I've never played any game in VR - just haven't had a chance yet but I'm very excited about this technology. So I collected games I really wanted to dive into (because I'm a true fangirl).
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    Well, I'm not very fond of shooters but I really appreciate the ability to take a shovel and go kill cultists with it. 
      Just a good dynamic slasher with awesome visuals (and I have problems with comics by Frank Miller, yes, just can't pass by).
        I love Lord of the Rings so much! I picked this game more because of the setting. You can place here every game with good sword combat, though. 
          I'm cheating here, we already have Arkham VR, but c'mon, we need a GOOD Batman VR game. I believe that Warner Bros. and Rocksteady Studios are able to produce something really awesome for all Bats fan…
          DEADLY PREMONITION screenshot
            This game has problems with the mechanics and just AWFUL backtracking but the plot is so damn good. I love detective stories, I like when the gameplay switches from investigating crimes to killing sup…