Games that are better on GOG

Created Oct 3, 2018 by RAWG Editorial
This is the list of games that GOG has the best version of on their platform rather than on Steam or somewhere else.
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Oh what a game! But oh how buggy is this game. Well, thankfully, the GOG version is one of the best on the market with the basic version of the Unofficial Patch that fixes a lot of bugs, crashes (like the one with the intro cinematic returning you everytime to the home screen) and supports later Windows versions and widescreen format.
Witcher series as they are developed by CD Projekt Red are represented in full on GOG with a lot of high-quality bonus content (soundtrack, manuals, art books, etc) and the best versions possible.
Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition screenshot
Multi-core issues plague this release for more modern systems but is not a problem for the GOG version. While for the other versions the player would need to download external patches or suffer framedrops, random quality losses and other problems.
STAR WARS: TIE Fighter Special Edition screenshot
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Star Wars: Tie Fighter was released in several versions and some might say that the best one is 1995 CD version. And GOG has it along with other ones unlike the Steam version. CD-ROM version quadruples the resolution from the original release (320x240 to 640x480), retains the wonderful iMuse soundtrack that provides much of the game's soul, and adds voice briefings and in-mission voice, as well as the Enemy of the Empires campaign.
A BioWare RPG centered around Eastern mythology and fighting styles has the best version on GOG that is better optimized for PC with less crashes (especially, concerning the in-game cinematics) than Steam version and others.
Gothic screenshot
Gothic on GOG comes with the latest patch that fixes a lot of glitches and bugs while on Steam you would need to download manually the latest patch. Aside from glitches and bugs, the game is more fit to run nowadays on the high-end computers.
Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition screenshot
One of the greatest cyberpunk RPGs is presented on GOG with free bonus content (manuals, soundtracks, etc) that is absent on the Steam version, latest patches and offers some mods as well.
Beyond Good & Evil screenshot
GOG version of this classic is fully optimized to work with more modern systems.