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Beyond Good & Evil

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The game belongs to the action adventure genre, but differs significantly from other games of this genre in the quality of the game world. All the characters that the main character of the game meets have their own personality, you can almost always talk with them, and even the dialogue scenarios with each of them have several options, and vary depending on the situation in the game. Constant changes are common to the whole game world. Any significant action of the hero or his opponents, any noticeable change in any one place entails a change in other places. Plot The game takes place in the year 2435 on the planet of miners Hillys, which suffers attacks from DomZ monsters. These creatures abduct the inhabitants of the planet. The elite unit of galactic special forces - Alpha Sections - protects the population of the planet from aliens. However, there is an underground rebel organization IRIS Network on the planet. The IRIS Network does not believe that Alpha Sections is really at war with the aliens. The main character of the game is Jade, a girl of 20 years. She and her uncle organized a shelter for children whose parents were abducted by DomZ. The shelter is located on a small island with a lighthouse. At some point, Jade is being attacked by the so-called Eye of the DomZ - it looks like an attempt to take over her mind. Uncle helps repel the attack. And then the representative of the rebels of the IRIS Network begins to contact Jade, and says that Alpha Sections does not protect the planet from aliens, but, on the contrary, in every possible way contributes to the final defeat. Jade begins to act as a photojournalist, collect materials to expose Alpha Sections. Further, there are many events in the game and several completely unexpected twists, revealing both Jade's special abilities and her very special origin and purpose. Gameplay The basis of the gameplay - solving puzzles and riddles, finding the right directions and finding the right buttons to open the doors. Many tasks are impossible without a partner. There are several partners in the game, and they can not only help with puzzles, but also take part in battles. When encountering enemies, Jade fights with Daï-jo's staff. Subsequently, she acquires weapons capable of hitting targets at a distance. To move, Jade uses hovercraft, which can be improved, both in terms of movement and in terms of weapons - hovercraft also has it. Jade is constantly taking pictures. She is paid for the photo, although the main task of Jade is to procure Alpha Sections revelations.
Release date
Nov 11, 2003
Ubisoft Milan
Ubisoft Montpellier
Ubisoft Shanghai
Ubisoft Entertainment
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Boarding enemy ships.
Oct 17, 2019
There was a 760MB update on BG&E1 today but I didn't notice anything different while playing, any idea of what it could be?
Oct 17, 2019
Is this game cancelled?
Oct 9, 2019
Oct 5, 2019
Space Monkey Report #6 to be livestreamed on October 31st live from Paris Ubisoft Experience!
Oct 3, 2019
I have a question, I'm playing the original for the first time ever and I'm missing a single pearl, it's hidden door 2 of the Akuda bar, anyone know how to get it?
Oct 2, 2019
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