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Fable - The Lost Chapters

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Fable: The Lost Chapters is a re-release for the personal computers of the Fable game, originally created for the Xbox. This release includes content that is not included in the release of the game for Xbox.
The main character is personalized in great detail. Everything that he does affects him. He can get obesity from a plentiful meal, and if he drinks alcohol, he will become poorly oriented and eventually will vomit.

Clothing, hairstyles, beards and tattoos of the hero influence how others perceive the hero. For example, light clothing causes benevolence, and dark - fear.

Of course, the attitude towards the hero is influenced by his actions. The proportion of good and evil acts affects his appearance. If he does many good deeds, he has a halo above his head and other signs of holiness. If he is more inclined to evil deeds, he grows horns, smoke comes from under his feet, and his eyes get a red glow.
The hero grows old regardless of whether he is good or evil. In his old age, his hair grows gray. If he spends his experience on new skills, he becomes noticeably older. Among the things that you can buy in the city, there is real estate. You can buy a house, rent out and get paid. If you decorate the house with trophies, the rental rate will be greater.

In addition to the war with the enemies, you can search for treasure and fish or participate in sports fistfights. And even better - try to find the Doors of Demons, who can talk. Doors give tasks, after performing which the hero will pass into hidden locations and acquire rare things. Several Doors need not be looked for, they will necessarily meet on their own.

Release date
Lionhead Studios
Big Blue Box Studios
Microsoft Studios
Age rating
17+ Mature

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: 1.4 GHz equivalent or greater
  • Memory: 256MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 3GB of available hard disk space
  • Video Card: 64 MB shader-capable video card
  • Sound: Sound card and either a set of speakers or a set of headphones are required for audio
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Last Modified: Oct 18, 2019

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Xbox 360 Store

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Fable - The Lost Chapters reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Fable the First and Best. Introduction Anyone who can't do much with Fable, but would like to play a Game-with the Charm of a Child of Light, the Combat system of a Dark Soul in Light variant and the Choice of Good And Evil of a Knights of the Old Republic-can confidently access it. At the time, I was playing Fable on XBox and it was not only graphic for me, but also a Force in terms of Content. And for those who are not bothered By such stiff facial Features (as in a Gothic 1 and 2, or pretty much any Piranha Byte Game [You are even currently looking for an Animator for human Animations]) or to the partly repeatedly used speakers, who may use Fable a Experience small Fable. Story You are a little Farmer's Lurk, which should initially only find a Gift for his Sister's Birthday. After some Events, you are finally Adept in a Hero Guild. There you become, how should it be otherwise. Trained As a Hero. With your Assignments, which are also mentioned in the German Quest, you will get to know more And more Albion, its History and its dark Secrets. Game Mechanics Unfortunately you can't jump. But otherwise, there are hardly any Limits to Freedom of Movement. You walk, run, roll, sneak through Albion and interact with its Residents. In Doing so, I find the Keyboard Assignment quite successful, except that the Blocking is on the Mouse wheel. But there you are free to occupy the Keys for yourself. Even with the Controller Companion or other Software, you can have the Feel of The XBox Times put back in your Hands. Fable plays more directly than his Successors. Every Shot has to be targeted, every Punch executed in the right Direction. You can of course target individual Enemies, but this only helps with larger Opponent Accumulations only a little. Spells like Lightning are more likely to hit the next best Enemy, but can also go nowhere. The F-3 fast Buttons can be quickly used to draw on the most important Inventory and the Spells can be changed back and forth by mouse wheel. The Fights are thus dynamic, never uncreative, but sometimes very difficult, especially if you are one of the Lunatics who like challenges. Yes, there are Challenges in Fable. And here the Game Can become Brock-heavy. "No Scratch," "Fistfight (so no aggressive Magic" are arguably the most intractable Challenges. Coupled, I don't like to imagine them at all. That's just something for People with high Frustration resistance and a lot of Patience. The Opponents sometimes have different Attack Patterns. But These are quickly learned and soon come as no surprise. In addition to the Fights, an essential Game Mechanics is of course also the Good-evil and Level System. It has a Touch of the Elders Scrolls franchise. You get better in the Areas you use. If you always Look at the Opponents with the Sword, then power Balls are dropped, which you can invest in strength skills, such as Strength, or Life Points (in the Game they are called different). Still, I recommend everyone, really everyone: Buy the Time-slow-motion spell. Without him, I Think you threw up. The good boose system is, of course, based on your Actions. Do I Break the dealer'S Boxes, or do I protect You. Do I Help the Robbers free another, or do I accompany the Robber to the Sheep Judge? In addition to these Actions, you can also get good, or evil, by Enjoying food. But let's face it. Eating a Chicken is not nasty. To eat Tofu would come very close to a Atrocity. Graphicatis Sound The Game has aged with Dignity. It still looks admirable from its Light and Shadow Effects. Even the engaging Music makes the World Of Albion a Place full of Fairy Tales. The Setting Of the Talks is fine. Conclusion There would still be a lot to tell, as to the demon doors, or the "Lost Chapter," that adds a good Chapter to the actual Game, or to the typical Fable humor. But because of the Above points, Fable is for me more Fable than all that I didn't mention, well except for the Fact that you can adjust your Equipment at will, as well as cut Hair etc. Yes well, these Customization Options make Up Fable for me as well. That's why I want Fable 2 for the PC-I digress. So for the small Price and the good Playability (you can even play it on a cheap Windows tablet if it can run the full Windows) I highly recommend it. Fabulous.
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