The Best Games for Low-End PC

Created Oct 17, 2018 by RAWG Editorial
Your "pro-gaming" friends laugh at you and your computer? Say you won't play anything better than Pinball? Show them this collection of awesomeness and let them bite their tongues!
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Raise an entire civilization in the world of Darwinia. This game proves that AI isn't only mindful but soulful and wants to develop and rise. Help Darwinians fight viruses and save their home. Darwinia was released in 2005 and still stays a classic action RTS. And, of course, low-poly graphics only add it more charm. 
Fable is a synonym of awesomeness for those who love fantasy, rich lore, interesting characters and games where your actions literally change the hero. Fable was great years ago - and it still is, no matter how more impressive titles have been released recently. If your computer is a little bit better than a calculator, try Fable II either (but NEVER touch Fable III).
A love child of Prey and Portal. Look, an alien ship (almost like Talos I), different tasks and puzzles (instead of a portal maker you have endless cubes and other part of constructions), corpses of previous workers (exactly!) and the hope that you will stay alive.
Sunless Sea shows that even if London went underwater it still was Foggy Albion. However, the population of it has changed: multiple fantasy creatures now walk along the streets of the British capital. Will you dare to explore this mystery land? 
The modern classic, highly recommended to all 80s lovers. Neon lights, top-down view, guns, violence, people with animal heads - in other words, everything we love about good old days. Needless to say that the game will probably launch even on the computer from the 80s.
If capturing cities is not enough for you, try to annihilate entire planets. Use giant mechs, built bases and show everybody who is the master of this universe! The strategy has grown bigger than ever (and all of this on your low-end computer!).
Cuteness as it is. Pixel art, cosmic adventures, a lot of stuff to do - this sandbox will be entertaining you for hours and hours. Additionally, you low-end PC won't overheat even in 24 hours of non-stop playing.
Almost retro that reminds us of all action movie cliches. Manly men from a special unit - check. Big guns and slow motion during battles - check. A creepy cannibal (but not Lecter) - check. A pale girl with black hair (is she from Silent Hill or The Ring?) - check. Tons of fun - guaranteed.
Europa Universalis IV is a perfect game for a very patient player. So if you are locked in your country house for weeks and have nothing to do just start playing - you need nothing exept a low-spec PC. The game is over addictive but very, very slow. But what did you expect - countries don't appear instantly.
The visual novel format is perfect for low-end computers - you don't need a pro video card to have fun. Just read STEINS;GATE like a great sci-fi book with beautiful illustrations and sometimes make choices. The plot is twisted and has the ace in the hole to amuse you.