LGBT Rep that Doesn't Suck

Created Aug 17, 2018 by John
Video games, especially mainstream ones, have historically been pretty awful at LGBT representation (and representation in general). While it has been slowly getting better, there are still plenty of problems that still exist. For example, gay and bi men are exceedingly rare in video games and most lesbian and bi women are almost always white brunette tomboys. Bisexuality is often portrayed as promiscuous people and are often just portrayed as straight with word of god saying otherwise.
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      The main character you glean information about is explicitly in a relationship with another woman and the relationship is a major part of uncovering why the house is empty.
      Saints Row IV screenshot
        You can play as a man or a woman and "romance" any of the major NPCs in the game, regardless of gender.
        Agents of Mayhem screenshot
          Braddock is explicitly a lesbian and in a relationship with Friday. Daisy is bisexual. Hollywood according to the devs is pansexual but is not explicitly in the text so I don't really count it.