TGA 2017 Best Art Direction

Created Dec 7, 2017 by RAWG Editorial
On December 7, The Game Awards took place in Los Angeles. Here’s the list of nominees for the Best Art Direction award which recognizes outstanding creative or technical achievement in artistic design and animation. We will just note why all of these games are worthy.
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    The winner.The hand-drawn graphics. Image that classic Disney cartoons of 1930’s are not cartoons but video games. Well, that’s just it.
      2D and 3D combined with precision and wrapped in the branded style.
        The futuristic design of destroyed worlds and thorough work with details of weapons place Destiny 2 among the most beautigul games of the year.
          The right use of colors and shades result in a fine picture that never ceases to surprise you on the moderate hardware of the handheld.
            Robodinosaurs fight wild people of the future! If this doesn’t appeal to your eye, nothing will.