Games for 3DO

3DO Interactive Multiplayer is a home video game console by The 3DO Company. Panasonic produced the first models in 1993; further on, renditions of the hardware were released by LG. Despite a highly promoted launch, the 3DO's high price didn't let it achieve success comparable to Sega or Nintendo. As a result, it was discontinued in 1996. 3DO included the first light synthesizer in a game console; it converted CD music to a color pattern. 3DOs didn't have any regional lockout or copy protection, making it simple to pirate. However, there are exceptions like some Japanese games which couldn't be played on non-Japanese 3DO consoles. The necessary accessories included a standard controller and power cables. The most famous were the board games like Sword and Sorcery, an epic-fantasy; Twinkle Knights, a full-motion video; and Alone in the Dark, a horror.