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A-Tech Cybernetic

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A-Tech Cybernetic is a visibly beautifully elaborated sci-fi game taking place at external and internal venues, whereby players are exposed to such effects and impacts, which are not possible for a human being to experience in real life without any dangers. The enemy consists of robots created by the humans, which are very realistic-looking enemies with an unbelievably detailed finish.

While preparing our game, we put emphasize on that it shouldn’t be “another wave shooter”, but a real challenging creation, in which the accomplishment of each new level will be a real feeling of success. Besides this, as part of an interesting and exciting story, you can discover the secret of the A-Tech Cybernetic, in which the sense of thrill and fear are guaranteed.

Our game is developed exclusively for VR platforms, exhausting all the possibilities to make you feel as if you were on another planet, but still in the reality. Our commands are adjusted to this as well, to make it as life-like as possible, be it physical fighting, shooting or pulling your bow.

Firstly only the Swarm mode can be accessed. You will have the chance to liquidate the enemies raiding on you! Take possession of the weapons in your surroundings, and try to survive as long as possible! Pistols, machine-guns, shotguns and several other weapons will be at your disposal, to become the hero of A-Tech! But beware, if you run out of ammunition, you can only count on your fist! :) Collect as many points as possible!


Elaborately detailed, innovative graphic design:
o We are striving to elaborate virtual reality and shooting to a new level with the A-Tech Cyberntic. For this, we created such a visual world, which you have never seen in any other VR game!
Life-like armament:
o Use the VR tools as if they were real weapons! Pull the bow, aim with the pistol, and fight just as if you were in reality!
o We experienced in several VR games, that there is simply no challenge in them, and no matter what, you always win at the end. We guarantee that in our Swarm mode we will really make you sweat, and achieving every higher level in the game will be a real experience of success for you! :)
o We all like to liquidate our enemies in a very spectacular way. The Bullet-time provides an excellent tool for this!
Explosive barrels!
o Every now and then you get explosive barrels to ease your fight against the swarms!

Future release plans for the Game

Step 2. March - May (Future)

If One level was not enough, then we raise the stakes! We expand our repertoire with an additional level, and many more weapons. More levels, more weapons, even more fun :)

Step 3. Jun-Jul. (Future)
Swarm mod was only the beginning! During the 3-4 hours’ long Story mode you can reveal the secrets of what happened to Earth, and what did the A-Tech Cybernatic do to humans! But be careful, for there are new dangers lurking for you on every corner. In the story mode, you will find every single element required for a proper horror game. Save our world from chaos, Be our hero All IN VR!

After the story mode. (Future)

Multiplayer and Co-op mode ;)

Features coming soon:

Story mode:
o In our Story mode you will find all kinds of tools which are necessary for you to really feel like being in a real horror game. With atmospheric ambience.
o Are you fed up with the brainless shooting VR games? Do you miss creative solutions and puzzle tasks to be solved from them? Then you won’t be bored in our story mode.
Traps, traps and traps!
o Are you in big trouble? Place new traps; to make the job of your enemies as difficult as possible!
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Age rating
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i7-4770
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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The hard way
Kill 1000 zombies with bodyshots
Knee deep in trouble
Get to the nicest room
What is this about?
Find ch2 cultis room
Ain't no rats here
Clean the storage
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A-Tech Cybernetic reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review yes, and YES a good Game. In the Base Solid shooter, top Sound, really good Unreal Graphics. However, the advertising images are extremely embellished. This is what is supposed to be called. These Depth of Field do not exist, these Contrasts are not as shape in the Game as shown. Play with an Extreme High-end Calculator and the Game runs really well fluid. There are many (BELIEBTE) Game Mechanics in this Game. -Teleport, Locomotion-interact with your Hands, so with the Buttons-To lead Reload to the hips etc. Ne really very solid and good. I am also really not a Doom Player and also n Trouser Shisser Therefore I can only say it is already very Trouser Sisshhate partially. But you get used to it when you are distressed from behind for 3 times:D Pro top notch Graphics and Sound (really at really high Level-good weapon handling-real good Lvldesign cont-mies acting AI-hitboxes of the Ki is in short only one ... At least feel-that eternally drips away from the Creak if you want to pick up Ammo flashlight or Creak you decide .. Hahaha-very rudimentary battle Sequences .. Always equal. just ball into the direction. Tipping ales Around-partly very static pitch-na clear too short, but I like to forgive that as it is a ea title-missing Perc and Modding System. The same Wum lies everywhere. -standout guns ala pistole, assaultgun, shotgun, stuttergun, grenades etc ... Unfortunately for such a game too normal. More Crazy Weapons are the Key here. Is here to standi for running Around in front of me Cybernetics is a Semipistol a little too ... Frumpy. I haven't played the Swarm mode yet. I can't say nothing. The Storymode is well very simple and already told 100 times. ne Mix of Halflife/Doom/Deatheffect. I think here has been tested which Mechanics work like this And yes it makes fun. If you could compare it ... Unfortunately, it doesn't get close to Zomday ... Not at all. Zomday is a clear Place deer in Zombishootery. But that's another setting. But the Chance deserved it. Those who like dOom won't be disappointed here
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Hello, after an Hour here dock my short Feedback, Thank you for the Tip. No more Waveshooter at Last. The Game is very fun and can be seen on any case alongside Arizona Sunshine and DoomVR. I played with i7 2600k 4.5 GHZ, 16GB and a 1080TI. It runs absolutely fluid and delights with short Loading Times and high-quality Graphics. Programming very good Work. Only in Gameplay do I raise some Suggestions. On several Occasions I lost my Weapons or even the Flashlight because I had to lay down my Weapons constantly to collect Ammunition. I would like to see a Head Lamp and an Autopick-up for the Ammunition. Automatic Reloading wouldn't be bad either. Partly Hordes of Opponents came running towards me so I didn't stand a Chance because I had to Reload or lose the Gun. Even the Escape is sometimes difficult in the Hustle and bustle. Coverage Options are few and far between. In some Cases it is very Dark-without a Flashlight no Chance. Please incorporate bright, exciting Levels (like AS), good Ideas to alternate the Gameflow I have seen. It doesn't always have to be dark. I look forward to the further Development of the Story and I am greeting the Developers. Hello, after an hour my short feedback here, Thank you for the tip. Finally no wave shooter anymore. The game is very funny and can be seen next to Arizona Sunshine and DoomVR. I played with i7 2600k 4.5 GHZ, 16GB and a 1080TI. It runs completely liquid and pleased by short loading times and high-quality graphics. Programming technically very good work. Only in gameplay I raise some suggestions. Several times I lost the weapons or the flashlight because I constantly had to lay down the weapons to collect ammunition. I would like a headlamp and automatic pickup for the ammunition. An automatic reloading would not be bad either. Partly hordes of enemies came running towards me, so I had no chance, because I had to reload or lost the weapon. The escape is difficult sometimes in the rush. Coverage options are few. Partly it is very dark-without a flashlight no chance. Please build bright, exciting levels (like AS), I've seen good ideas to make the Gameflow different. It does not always have to be dark. I'm looking forward to the further development of the story and greet the developers.
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