Mar 23, 2018

A Way Out

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This action-adventure game released under the auspices of EA Originals Electronic Arts initiative. The game can not be played alone: ​​there is simply no singleplayer. The available options are either to play the game on one device using split-screen or using the online multiplayer. You do not need to buy two games to play with somebody: when buying a friend, you can give the code for downloading a full version of the game, which, however, will be active only if you pass it together.

The story tells of two prisoners who were together in one prison in the US at the beginning of the 70s. To avoid the dangers of prison, they decide to flee. A Way Out is a third-person adventure game in which the story is told simultaneously for two characters. Since they develop asynchronously, there are often situations where one of the players loses the control over the character because of the story cutscene, and the other can safely move around the prison. Roles are not fixed and can change during the playthrough.

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Mar 23, 2018
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A Way Out
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Me and my friend finished the game in one run because once you started playing you couldn’t stop. You totally forget to eat and sleep, such amazing this game is. The story is very involving and you are interested in every character, no matter main or side one. It’s the first true co-op with a split screen in a while and it’s awesome. We didn’t have any problems with the plot or the gameplay. A Way Out is a great example of how one little studio with some talented people can really f*** Oscars - and big AAA projects!
«Just one more turn»
«Sit Back and Relax»
«Better With Friends»
Such a disappointment. I love the idea of the game but there are too few actual moments of creating “a way out”. Mostly you run through a corridor and figure out how to overcome another obstacle - and usually you have to do the same things: lift something, open something. And even here the game is not challenging - yellow dots mark every person or object you need to go further. What is really sad is that the changing of gameplay to shooting is boring too. As a result, too easy and repetitive gameplay ruins a great idea. A Way Out is not a fun at all.
So we just beat this one with a friend of mine, and I can say that it's one of the best story-focused games I've played so far. If you need a good reference point for this one - you can look at David Cage's games (e.g., Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls). The core gameplay is mostly QTE and minigames, with some dialogue here and there and a couple of possible story branches. But since this game is aimed to be played together with a different person - that changes everything. Every time you do something together - it feels incredible. In the Prison chapters especially. All of those moments when one of you distracts a guard, while the other one does something sketchy - feel so good. The game is also filled with different references and easter eggs from things like "Shawshank Redemption", "Scarface" and many others. And they are not as blunt as "here, look, this is a reference", but they all feel very natural and fit in the world quite well. Anyways, if you have someone to play this game with - you should pick it up 👌
«That Ending!»
A nice six hours action film for you and your buddy. Game has nice touches as interactive experience — its very generous for situations, places and actions. Looks clear: it is a passion project of Josef Fares: his ideas for story and game design mechanics is everywere. Cool mini games comes always in time and keep you interested even in quite monents. If you into co-op games you cant miss that one.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit Back and Relax»
«Better With Friends»
Mi reseña (spanish):
«Better With Friends»
«That Ending!»
«Beaten more than once»
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«Can’t stop playing»
Простая, но глубокая история. Кооперативный геймплей с кучей уникальных ситуаций, необязательных мини-игр и огромным разнообразием в целом. Отличная музыка и атмосфера. Из минусов только сильно устаревшая графика и местами слабая анимация, которые при этом не мешают погружаться в мир и проникаться персонажами. Играть весело порой до детского восторга, таких игр с чисто сюжетным кооперативом на 1 раз не делают, желаю хороших продаж!
«Blew my mind»
«Better With Friends»