Black Moon Chronicles

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Wishmerill, a half-elf on a quest for power in a medieval world, is ready to grant you his experience and powers.

Side with one of the kingdom's four factions (Light, Black Moon, Empire or Justice) and fight to restore balance among the people and prevent the Empire's destruction... or alternatively choose to destroy it.

the Kingdom's Fate Lies In Your hands!SYNOPSIS:
the Kingdom Is In Danger!

Evil archmage Haazheela Thorn has raised a formidable army of orcs and demons in his bid to secure world domination.
Playing as Wishmerill, an intrepid war hero with a devil-may-care attitude and dreams of riches and glory, you will need to choose your faction to determine the kingdom's fate.

Join the forces of good led by Emperor Hagendorf or side with the fearsome Haazheela Thorn as you seek to achieve your goals in this strategy game featuring a blend of adventure and tactical skill.

Manage your troops on the battlefield, hone their skills in the castle's enclosure and upgrade your technology to keep your enemies trailing in your wake in this highly tactic-oriented strategy game.

Experience a truly epic adventure, where your chosen alliances will shape future events.KEY FEATURES:
  • Directly inspired by the comic series of the same name by Ledroit and Pontet.
  • Before each campaign, choose one of the four factions, each with its own specific attributes.
  • Train, manage and lead your troops to victory through approximately 100 missions.
  • Create your own storylines using the built-in map editor.
Release date
Cryo Interactive
Anuman Interactive, Microids
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 95/98/XP/Me/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: 200 MHz
  • Memory: 32 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 8.1-compatible graphics card with 2 MB
  • DirectX: Version 8.1
  • Storage: 540 MB available space
  • Sound Card: All DirectX-compatible cards
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Black Moon Chronicles reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
First thought-Cheers, childhood game! In half an hour, God, what a strange childhood I had. Based on a series of French graphic novels-"The Chronicles of the Black Moon". For power in this world to fight 4 sides; Empire (Red)-a huge state, managed by a strong but old ruler. In Addition to ordinary soldiers, mages, etc., are allied with the King of Dragons. (which may sound cool, but in practice, dragons are very goofy companions). The Order of Justice (Blue)-The pretentious name exhaustively describes these local paladins. Possess the most powerful unit in the game-an angel, which makes almost everything. Loyal Empire. Order of Light (White)-Rotten religious organization. Defending the village from robbers, can then rob her. Until then, pretend loyal empire. Black Moon (Green)-the most diverse composition of troops from Orcs to Giants, led by a powerful archimandrite. But the most important and the most valuable thing in their army-is the necromancer (about it later). In opposition to all at once. You play for the Wismerhill-half elf, which in the prophecy says that he will become the new emperor. In practice-The weakest hero, who is once again better not to let-kill. After a short prologue (during which you will have a couple of times to become a traitor) you will be forced to join one of the parties. They Give the castle, one for the whole game-building, improvement, hiring troops. Then The gameplay can be divided into two parts: TBS-There is a poorly drawn global map, it is scattered "points of interest"-quests, on the way to them roam the enemy armies, which are desirable to avoid, because of the victory over them is not much use. If your army comes to the destination or you still grab the game goes into combat mode. RTS-No building, collection of resources, etc.-just battle the wall on the wall. Here is interesting whether the chip, or bug. It'S hard to describe, but I'll try. If Melee fighters come close to each other, you lose control over them, and they do not calm down until each other is beaten. With fighters of far similar situation, let's say: there is a minimum distance at achievement which you too lose over them in every possible control, for example: The magician will be up to victorious to use all its arsenal. It is almost impossible to Control a large army. Now back to the necromants-they have one wonderful property, they can kill at least one soldier to call in his place at once to 6 undead fighters (from skeletons to vampires), and if the Neromants 2 or 3, they can be called off. Simultaneously, calling 12 or 18 warriors accordingly. While They are distracted, they do it again and again, and again... Thus, the Necromanmans are able to tie the battle Army of any size. So it turns out that neither strategy, nor tactics, nor balance. No, I liked it-it's one of those strange childhood games in which I was unlucky to play instead of any of the Bally'S Gate. Then It was different-played what they give, and going through the contradictions and nesurrazsy-in the end even get pleasure, the more here, as I think, great animation (with ugly and lifeless landscapes). The Finger, of course, up, but do not recommend, but the graphic novels-the original source, read.
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