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Carrie's Order Up!

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Carrie's Order Up! is a challenging arcade game inspired by the likes of Pac-Man and Game & Watch. As Carrie, a crab waitress in a port town's restaurant, you have to serve spaghetti, pancakes, and burgers to all kinds of sea creatures without bumping into them!

Aside from charming characters and SNES-quality pixel art, this game contains:

  • Service Mode featuring 20 Rounds of food serving and fish skirting.
  • Friendlier difficulty level for those who want a more easy-going experience.
  • Earn money to unlock new features: endless mode, holiday mode, color palettes... and a playable extra character!
  • 160 side challenges for completionists for those who seek a true challenge.
  • Game pad support.
  • In-game record keeping.
  • High score tables to compete with others on Steam, including your friends.

Mechanics may be simple, but a level of depth to the mechanics exist, with tons of achievements to reward those that learn to master being a crab waitress! If you're looking for a cute and challenging game that lifts inspiration from arcade titles, you'll find hours of entertainment in Carrie's Order Up!
Release date
Ink Dragon Works
Ink Dragon Works
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista or Greater
  • Processor: 2.4 Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256 mb video memory
  • Storage: 31 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Intel
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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First Paycheck
Cleared your first round. Good luck!
A Pat on the Back
Clear a round without getting hit.
Graveyard Shift
Help Calcia beat the Endless Mode High Score for Late Night.
Little Night Owl
Help Carrie beat the Endless Mode High Score for Late Night.
Too Good for this Dump
Help Calcia beat the Endless Mode High Score for Seashore.
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Carrie's Order Up! reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Be careful, before reading this review, know that I have a weakness for naughty games and cute games. Career's order up! ... is not a naughty game. Thank you for your understanding. So I will surprise you... Career's order up! is a cute game. But not that, since it is also a game with challenge, even rather difficult if you play in difficulty "arcade". The principle is simple: you have to serve the customers until you earn a sum of money established at the beginning of the round. In fact, this will unfold as follows: the client enters, settles at a table and command (automatically), the character behind the counter will prepare the dish and put it on the counter (preferably the opposite of where we are), we come to fetch the flat, and it is brought to the customer who pays and then eats at lightning speed. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1339001934 the difficulty will reside in the fact that: 1) our character cannot remain stationary, he is obliged to move. 2) you cannot "cross" customers. In case of contact, we hit them. To get through, you'll have to twirl (you can't do it too many times in a row) by pressing a key, which will "unbalance" our character. If we imbalance too much, it is the fall. 3) there are several types of customers, each with their speed of travel, their waiting time to be served, and their strength of imbalance when turning to pass it. Some are (very) fast, while others do not know the meaning of the word "patience". 4) when a customer has finished eating, he leaves his plate empty on the table. When you go over it, you pick it up. And to get rid of it, you have to go to the sink. You can stack dishes on each other, empty plates on each other, but you cannot stack dishes with empty plates. 5) as if the customers were not enough, there are also puddles of water on which you slide if you turn on it (but not if you just walk on it), and the skins of bananas on which you slide if you walk on it (but not if you turn on it). http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1339954799 there are two different game modes: the service mode and the endless mode. The service mode is the "history" mode, which has 20 rounds to complete. Endless mode is a never-ending mode that stops when you lose. In both modes, you lose when you accumulate 3 failures. But in the service mode, you can collect coins that, after harvesting 40, erase a failure. This does not work in endless mode. There are also 2 different difficulties: friendly and arcade. Friendly is "easy", the high scores and challenges are not attainable. It's handy to get acquainted with the game and play without too much headshot. While arcade is the original difficulty in which we can achieve the challenges and reach the high scores. In this difficulty, the slightest mistake means failure. On the realization side, it is well done. The design and the graphics are cute. The music is nice, few, but nice. The gameplay is good, the movements respond very well (if you press at the right time, so not too soon). After making the keyboard tutorial, it is quick to feel that the controller is still a good asset. I mean, it's going to depend on people of course. Anyway, career's order up! is a cute little arcade game, easy to take in hand, but difficult to master. The challenge is at the rendezvous, the finish at 100% will not be pie and require a lot of self control. Since Arcade, it is also very repetitive. Is it worth its €3? I think so. It's a good little game done with care. Did you like this evaluation? Find others by joining our editorial group: we prefer them cold.
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