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Offering up a challenge to even the hardiest of gamers, DOOMED will force you to use your skills to survive. Attempt to escape from an environment that is out to kill you while evading the lurking terror that could be around any corner.


Having woken up after the hyper sleep, you turn out to be in a tight corner: cryogenic
tubes of your team were stolen by smugglers and sold to an unknown organization.
However something went wrong: a new experiment gets out of control, and due to the
ongoing chaos you get the chance to get freed.

Key Features

- Brutal, dark, rusty, sci-fi atmosphere
- Challenging gameplay
- Awesome Soundtracks
Release date
Bloody Pixel
Bloody Pixel
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows® XP 32/64 or better
  • Processor: Dual core 2.4 GHz processor or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB DX9 Compliant
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
  • Additional Notes: Attention: Windows 8 may cause problems
  • OS: Windows® 7 32/64 or better
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2 GB DX9 Compliant
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
  • Additional Notes: Attention: Windows 8 may cause problems
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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DOOMED reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free well I can say about it reaching level 3. To Buy the game I would recommend only Oldfagam who loved the shooters of the 90s. For those who like to save more often and wander in search of a key or a missed Loszeki. Guys Well done that reworked the levels, really got better. Surprisingly, even there were moments where the creeps ran, because when there is little health and because of the next corner run out on 3 monsters. I would recommend after large mixes often raskidki, people patient Little))) and speed up the speed of flying bullets at the machine gun) pts slowly fly out, so that it was a long recharge. And new players, before starting to set the volume by about 17% for turn off/reduce the sound in the game will not work. Apparently the feature of the old engine is such.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Start of the game-and you are standing with axe in the hands in the middle of a corridor. Who, what, why? There's no time to explain. The Graphics of the 90s of the last century, against the backdrop of the beloved by many developers of pitch darkness. Why not love her? When It is dark, the player does not really see anything and does not complain about the evil of the surrounding world. And that would definitely not see anything, add a blinking in the dark source of weak light. That's perfect. And that to the fact that the player is spoiled by his eyes, so it is his choice, to play it no one obliges, right? In the hallway door with a broken button and a miserable pistol with seven cartridges. You can climb the stairs and kill four enemies in three different rooms. In Addition to three clips with cartridges to the gun and kits there is nothing. Weapons falling from enemies do not pick up. It is unclear Why it falls at all. The Loot flies easily through the wall. On the one hand it is upsetting, on the other hand, still not to pick up. At this point, the music has already burned your brain and you turn off the speakers. The Jump here is strange, the distance does not work, visually you are slightly lifted on tiptoe. But with it you can walk on the walls in some way. This allows you to climb into the ventilation and get into the closet of the fourth room with another enemy. Well, actually, that's it. No More games. At least I didn't find anything else in it from three hits. Of Course, maybe something important lies behind the fun door, but I doubt, most likely the whole version is not working. Let's Add here periodic jam in textures at an attempt to walk on walls, so to speak, for completeness of a picture. I do not want to offend Anyone, but personally I do not understand the motives of the existence in 2018 of such a muddy craft with a close-up to the first computer jokers. If It is so nostalgic, what prevents to play in the old jokers? Why produce bad copies of long outdated games? From the moral justification of the existence of all the junk, adopted in the Steam-cards and achievements, there is nothing in this game. Can't recommend. Graphics 3/10 Gameplay 5/10 Music 2/10 Plot 0/10 The Game was obtained by the program of interaction with curators. More Reviews in the curator group.
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