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Europa Universalis III

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The game is part of an extensive series of games originating from the 2000 Europa Universalis game. The game, the ancestor of the series was distinguished by strategic depth and historical accuracy. The action of the games of the series takes place in real time, however, this does not require a quick action from the player, because at any time you can enable a pause in the game. The genre of global strategy involves the management of all components of the life of the whole state or empire. In the Europa Universalis series, this canonical requirement is implemented as fully as possible. Due to this saturation of the game, many players ignore the actual gain or scoring in the game and play the game of the game itself. Advantages or disadvantages All of these features are inherent in almost all games of the series, and for a long time were considered the undoubted advantages of this series of games. However, over time, it was found that these advantages sometimes turn out to be disadvantages. For example, historical authenticity, compliance with historical events that actually took place sometimes led to the fact that a player who knows history can derive “undeserved” advantages from this knowledge. For example, knowing about the coming period of unrest and resilience in any state, you can make corresponding moves in the game - although the game as such is largely based on the ability to act strategically, without “prompts”. Europa Universalis III - a step from the canon Europa Universalis III contains a certain number of “digressions” from the canon series, designed to compensate for the shortcomings described above. For example, in Europa Universalis III, the game can be started not at a strictly specific, but on any day of a historical period. In the game there are not only historical figures, but also random, fictitious characters. In addition to real events in the game, unpredictable events also occur.
Release date
Jan 1, 2007
Paradox Interactive
Paradox Interactive
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Not rated
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