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Fate Tectonics

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Build up a world piece-by-piece using the power of the god-like Fates, while keeping them happy enough to avoid world-shattering temper tantrums!

Fate Tectonics is a world-building puzzle game featuring a handcrafted pixel art style and a 16-bit symphonic soundtrack. Carefully place terrain tiles, piecing together the world in a way that will appease a growing number of god-like beings called Fates. One wrong move could mean angering the Fates, resulting in a chain reaction of destruction and chaos. Unlock the powers of the Fates to build a stronger and increasingly beautiful world and face off with final Fates for the ultimate world-crumbling finale.Features
  • Easy to pick up and play casually, but also offers deep challenge for more strategic players.
  • Handcrafted in-game pixel art, a soundtrack of symphony & steam by composer Robby Duguay, and Twitter-shareable worlds!
  • The powerful Book of Fate keeps track of your progress and chronicles your adventures!
  • Two game modes—test your world-building skills in timed cycles of creation and destruction under Ragnarosa and Fortuna's vigilant watch, or take your time and build up a world as large as you can at your own pace, under the calming influence of Serenity.
  • Accessibility options cater to gamers with motor skill, cognitive and vision impairments.
Accessibility Options Include:
  • Multiple control schemes, remappable keys and input options
    Design and colour palette are resistant to 3 types of colour blindness
  • Advanced options for cursor speed, font size, game speed and more
  • Separate volume controls for music and sound effects
  • Full-screen and windowed modes
  • All menus and screens have a half-second cooldown between inputs
  • In-game hints and guidance for new players
  • Assistive tile auto-rotate feature that learns your preferences
  • Comprehensive save system featuring overview of progress, multiple save states per save file, and thumbnails for each save state for a quick visual reference of progress
What they're saying about Fate Tectonics
“Last night, I decided to play Fate Tectonics [official site] for five minutes, just to get an idea about how its world-building puzzles worked. It was a long five minutes. Around an hour and a half, all told. (…) It’s rather good.”—ADAM SMITH, Rock Paper Shotgun

“The combination of strategy and puzzle solving is certainly unique and makes for a very addictive gameplay experience.”—GAMERAMBLE

“(The game) allows players to derive meaningful satisfaction from creating expansive worlds one piece at a time. It’s almost meditative during the early going. Then it starts to get a bit tricky.” - CHAD SAPIEHA, Post Arcade (Financial Post)

“I personally found that it brought back a sort of childlike joy that came from building things with blocks or legos as a kid, then destroying it all in a cathartic burst of destructive control.”— ALEXX APLIN, Mod Vive.

“My main piece of advice is be willing to fail. It has some of the best game over gameplay since Sim City of old.”—CHRISTOPHER DEMELO, The Snarge.

“The strategic spin on a world-building game gives Fate Tectonics an added challenge many people won’t expect.” — CONOR BAILEY, The Spew.

"If you play only one real-time polytheistic tile-placement world-building strategy puzzle game, make it this one!"—RAIGAN BURNS Metanet Software (N++)

"Has all the joys of creating with all the pains of having it crumble away around you."—JAMIE TUCKER, Asteroid Base (Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime)

"Fate Tectonics is a beguiling game; it lures us in with the cathartic pleasure of clicking together puzzle pieces. The satisfaction in snapping the precise piece into the perfect place is matched only by games like Carcassonne. That is until you realize that you are actually playing a precarious game of house of cards with three angry toddlers stomping about."—JOHN Z. LINDVAY BigSushi.FM

Fate Tectonics is a proud GDC 2015 alumni of the Indie Megabooth.
Release date
Golden Gear Games
Toy Temp
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: OS® X 10.8.x (latest version)
  • Processor: Intel Core™ 2 Duo
  • Additional Notes: Requires Adobe Air
  • OS: OS® X 10.8.x (latest version)

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP or better
  • Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbook class devices
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • OS: Windows XP or better
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Glitter Glue
Repair ten crystal pyramids
Entire pantheon active
Magnitude 8.0
Collapse entire world with a single earthquake
Reach level 7 without placing a fleet
Lonely Island
Use a single tile to start a new unconnected landmass
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Fate Tectonics reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Honestly, I have to admit that I really love a lot of Pixel Games. I'm generally very much into the Genre. In this Game I had to think for a really long time whether I would really buy it ... But to be honest, I rather regret buying it in hindsight. The Game principle is quite Simple, as you end up with Some Kind of puzzle game in front of you. The bigger Problem here is to build a stable World and not to enrage a God. Which I honestly had a hard time doing, but honestly. After some Time you just have the Bow out and know how best to do it. There are many different Tactics that can be desired. But as a long-term Motivation, for £20: No, I can only say that, unfortunately. Unfortunately, it is not really worth it. I expect to play at a Game, for this Prize just more Fun. We are talking about an Hour of over 10-20 Hours. Best Example as a Title was "Ori and the Blind Forest." Of Course it's a Jump & Run Game, but there was definitely more Work and Time in it than in this Game. In doing so, it didn't even cost anymore. Therefore, unfortunately I can only say: + Great Concept + cute implemented + Several Tactics possible-Too short gameplay-Too expensive for The Price-Too monotonous permanently PS: What I would like to Note by the way, I noticed after which I risked a Look again. The Game is hardly patched, expanded etc. You pay £20, don't get offered any more Content? There are just too many Games that make it better and especially. Before making!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Fate Tectonics The Game comes with a Pixel Graphic And is reminiscent of an Advanced Tetris with Elements from Sim City. The Goal is to create a stable World. Sounds simple, but takes getting used to in the first two Hours, as you don't know all the Mechanisms of the Game yet and at first there is little Time to get to know them. Unfortunately, there is no German Language, which is why adequate English Proficiency is Needed. Building a World The World itself consists of square Cubes with different Surface Structures on the four Edges. If these match each other when They are Chalking, then the Whole thing becomes stable. If they do not Fit, tectonic Cracks arise at the corresponding Edge, which also explains the second Part in the Name of the Game (Tectonic). For Stabilization, you can place Cities, Ships or other Things in some Places that you can unlock in the Course of a Game. So that the Game does not become too monotonous There are also Gods (Fate) who have to be satisfied when designing the World. Each Deity has preferred Surfaces (E.g. Water, forest, etc.) and if you prefer one Variety too much, then you enrage one Deity while satisfying another. Discontents Gods, however, lead to divine Attacks on the World, so that it is then involuntarily remodelled. Satisfied Gods grant special Buildings or Powers. It's all a Matter of Balance! In Doing so, one works your way from Age to Age, with the Destruction of the player always at the end of the Day. From Age to Age, there is also an Increase in effective Playing time, because by completing certain Tasks, which can also be unlocked as Achievements, you get bonus Time for the next Age. This is also the Reason why you only really understand and get to know the Mechanisms after an Hour or two of Playing. Before That, you don't have enough Time to get there, so that you can test them extensively and intensively. Verdict For £0.49 in the Halloween Sale 2017, I don't think you're doing anything wrong here. All in all, it's a beautiful puzzle strategy game where you create a World to ultimately destroy it. The Graphics are certainly not for everyone, but the Screenshots and gameplay video should already show that. You learn the Mechanics after an Hour or two and then you can really get started. If you are interested in further Reviews of me or want to support my Work, then follow my Group
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