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FOUNDATION : A NEW ERA OF ORGANIC CITY-BUILDING SIMULATION! Foundation is a grid-less , sprawling medieval city building simulation with a heavy focus on organic development , monument construction and resource management . The game features in-depth resource management akin to the Anno (Dawn of Discovery) series, expertly mixed with city building elements from Settlers, SimCity, and Pharaoh all topped with narrative encounters inspired by Crusader Kings II to create the ultimate medieval ant-farm simulation. In this strategy city-builder economy simulation game, players must create a prosperous settlement as the newly appointed lord of a region untouched by man. Setting to redefine the city-builder genre, Foundation puts the emphasis on the organic aspects of urbanism in the cities of old, powered by Polymorph Games’ proprietary game engine, Hurricane, which allows for full mod support and is optimized for the thousands of moving parts that come with building humongous cities. Among other things, the engine provides the player with robust building tools to create countless unique monuments that can then integrated into your settlement. With medieval architecture and urbanism at the forefront of its design, Foundation’s vision is to allow players to recreate cities of that period as they envision them or even as they really were. Grow your untapped land into a great sprawling kingdom as you appease the political factions of your area, all while listening to a beautiful original soundtrack by the veteran composers who’ve created music for Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV and The Guild 2-3 games! FEATURES ORGANIC URBANISM OF THE MEDIEVAL ERA: Create gridless and organically sprawling cities that grow like actual medieval cities. LAY THE FOUNDATION, THRIVE, AND PROSPER: Weave a complex web of interactions between inhabitants needs and skills, resources availability, extraction, and transformation. UNIQUE MONUMENT CREATION TOOL: Craft and design original free-form monuments like Abbeys, Churches, Lord Mansions, Castles and more, with our proprietary node-based tool. FULL MODDING SUPPORT FOR THE COMMUNITY: Share characters, buildings, quests, and even real topologies through our mod-support tool and be part of the Foundation community. POWERED BY OUR OWN HURRICANE GAME ENGINE: Experience a city-building game engineered with a dedicated, tailor-made, in-house engine built with our unique vision in mind. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK BY PARADOX VETERANS: Immerse yourself in our blissful soundtrack by talented composers who worked on titles suche as Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV!
Release date
Jan 31, 2019
Polymorph Games
Polymorph Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: TBD
  • Processor: TBD
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: TBD
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Foundation reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Foundations. The Anno Settlers Sandbox game. Raw Materials/Building Raw Materials must be dismantled/planted by appropriate Buildings and make-made Zones. These are then either picked up by the administration or better! Transported through a Warehouse with Parcel Messengers to keep the Paths short and efficient. You can Buy Raw Materials through the Warehouse as well as Sell. The dilated Raw Materials are not meant to Consume on the Market in any case in order to finance the Maintenance of the City or to Collect for Large-scale Projects (Burg/Kloster/Church etc). Generally speaking, every Building needs residents to make it run. Residents take a Break in the Game! Don't be surprised. Residents residents you Get automatically through Immigration (which you can turn off if Needed). If, as in Anno, the Residents do not get certain Things about the Village market, You will become unhappy and emigrate. Here you also have an Overall Overmeasure of your City's Satisfaction in the Menu. Every working Resident ascends in his Profession in a Level System. (No Tooltip as better as it is now than a New Entrant. The Inhabitants also need a House. Houses can be obtained through Residential Areas. Similar to how in Settlers, your Males and Females trample the Meadow on Their Offices, creating Paths. These Paths can also be influenced by intelligent building and or "forbidden Zones." Quests/Unlocks There is a rudimentary Quest System in which there are 3 different Reward variants in the Form of Points. Labour/Kingdom and Clergy. Each of these Points contains Buildings to Unlock and are essential to The Progress of your Settlement. Most Quests refer to food that you can push away to the King In your Camps. You Have enough of these Points, you also need a Pomp. You get It through more imnposanous/larger Buildings of the corresponding variant. Eg. A larger Church Tower increases your Splendour at "Clergy." Gameplay/Sandbox If you now grow your Settlement, you will get to the Point where you built everything after about 6 Hours (with me) with current Content. There is now only the Embellishment/insulation of your City and The Monument buildings such as The castle and monastery, as Well as the supply of intelligent Transport routes to the End user to the growing population (Marketplace). If you can't motivate yourself creatively with the Design Possibilities, you will quickly get bored. There is still a lack Of final Content, but it is Early Accsess. ;) Positives: + creative design of your own Stadt/Burg + Merchandise management with a Crying Factor + great matching graphics + huge Area that can be accessed. + Music + Liquid Gameplay in THE sun of FPS. Negatives:-It explains next to nothing-Chrasht relatively often. (3 hours played 3 times crashed)-Name Generator of the Residents starts at about 100 residents to assign only numbers (Female#123)-recruiting builders is cumbersome. All other Professions are to be recruited via Buildings. Only the Builder has to manually pick out of an idle Resident. No Button for unemployed Residents. -I personally have the medieval scenario a little too friendly. Where are Diseases? Where are Bandits and Gallows or Opponents? I can build big Walls and Soldiers, but except for that the "King" demands these virtually, they have no Purpose except that Unemployment is falling ^^-For 30 Euros a little too expensive for an Early Accsess Title. Conclusion: Something else is ailing, a lot is unclear and I personally still lack some content. Nevertheless! The Game is Fun. Build-up Enthusiasts should definitely take a look here. In any case, I am very happy about new Updates;)
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