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Even if you are familiar with other Early Access games, there is an aspect to Hardland's development that may not be true for other games: we often have to work on game features in isolation from some other features of the game. This means you are not playing with the full feature set of the game until we are finished with the feature and can put things back to together, so parts of THE PLAY EXPERIENCE MAY TEMPORARILY DEGRADE BETWEEN RELEASES.

Other than that, the standard Early Access disclaimer applies; before the final release Hardland will contain many rough edges, quests that can't be completed, and game-breaking bugs. We recommend that you only join Early Access with us if you are interested in development or want to support the game. If you don't care all that much for development and are simply looking to enjoy playing, please add Hardland to your wishlist instead of buying it and jump in when we release the finished game.OUR VISION OF HARDLAND
Please note that this describes Hardland as envisioned. The current state of the game you can see from the announcement posts in Steam's Recent Updates.


Hardland is first and foremost about its world. It is about the towns and their people, the roadside taverns, the paths through its small forests, and the fox chasing the chicken through the fields. You can rest at the campfire, find treasure hidden in the woods and trade with the travelling merchant.

The world's layout is unique to you as all of the game's four continents are procedurally generated. Even though important landmarks such as Town of Fortuna, Snow Peak and Elven Citadel are handcrafted, their placement within the world is entirely decided by the procedural generator -- as is the placement of all the paths and roads running between towns, forests that surround the paths, and creatures that inhabit the forests.


Exploring. Fighting. Looting. Resting. Healing. Hiding. Discovering. Trading. Questing. Talking. Wearing. Equipping. Transforming. Disguising. Ambushing. Evading. Fleeing. Dying. Retrying.


The impending death of Elder King spells both uncertainty and opportunity for Hardland. The king's death would leave the land with no ruler and see many notable people around Hardland aspire to the throne. It is at this time that the player finds himself in Hardland, and as others struggle for the throne, the king's court in Root Hall struggles to find a cure to extend their ruler's life.


We are shaping the game with the community of Hardland's Early Access participants. As of 1/2017, the game has received 20+ major updates in Early Access. We discuss each update with the participants after its release where everyone has a chance to provide feedback about how the update changes the game and bring up things we should focus on for the next update.


The development effort of Hardland is led by brothers Kimmo and Timo Vihola. Timo works on game design and art, whereas Kimmo's work is focused on game design and programming. Our team, Mountain Sheep, is best known for the iOS games Minigore, Bike Baron and Death Rally.
Release date
Mountain Sheep
Mountain Sheep
Age rating
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 (32-bit)
  • Processor: Intel i3 @ 2.2 GHz or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 650 2GB or AMD HD 7770 2GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Cartwright Curse
Steal the gold from the Clan Cartwright shrine.
The Black Sheep
Find Sir Cobold's cap.
Down in the Well
Free the Witch of Hardland.
Meat for the Pigs
Let the boars of Port Pulgar devour your flesh.
Get Fortuna's Sword.
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Hardland reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review I like Hardland. Just tangled it up very briefly. It reminds Me a little of Zelda. I would perhaps like to see even more crafting and minigames-as is the case in zelda, such as arc target shooting or betting fishing and Something like that. The coolest thing would be to build your own Kingdom. Not like in an Ark or something. Perhaps more simplified and above all it would be cool if you can then choose your Own inhabitants and convince you to move into your Castle. It would also be cool if you can just choose whether it would become a Royal Castle or a small Farm or something ... Then clear ... More Bosses who might leave Trophies or something, you could then put them in their rooms or hang them as embellishments ... zb I kill a Bear and have it stuffed out and then can put it in my Castle. Or a Head of a Boss over the Fireplace or if you have special Weapons to hang these on the Wall. So no system a la Fallout 4 But more like Skyrim Heathstone ... That would be really nice. Otherwise, I really like the World and the Graphics
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Hardland can be partly recommended, it will definitely not please everyone, I'm sure, but the Developers have already achieved what they wanted at this Stage of early access. A damn strong RPG. The First thing you could notice when you start the Game is that you are only guided relatively low through the Game. This, of course, gives one freedom, on the Other hand, of course, may not please others so much, it is in The eye of the Beholder. The Graphics are really top, no complains here. Of course, the graphic style doesn't have to please everyone, but that's a Matter Of taste Again. The already relatively diverse Environments (Forest, Winter, Dungeon, Etc.) are wonderfully suited for Exploring and sometimes you are rewarded if you look behind hidden corners. What I Think is still very much worth improving so far is the Inventory that is filling up quickly and at some point it becomes a bit confusing. It is Also annoying that you have to put something out of your Inventory in order to heal yourself again and again. Especially when you don't have Potions and you have to heal yourself with Food, that can get more digestive and annoying. The Missions you get, which are not so many yet, are not very diverse either, most of the time you have to collect something and get Money for it, but these Missions can be repeated again and again, which makes them a good Way to raise Money. There are some Exceptions, the first Missions are a little better. If you wear a Mask and a Helmet at the same time, they are in each other, which of course is not quite as realistic. There is no character creation and furthermore you can not adjust your Own Character in any skill Points or Anything like that, the Levels happen automatically and you get something more HP and you get heeded, the RPG share is mainly made by the Very diverse arms and Weapon Adjustment. All in All, I'm looking forward to how the Game is still shaping up. Of course, Hardland isn't perfect yet, but a Game that makes good use of its early access status is often updated. In the next Update, I think the Interior Design and Potions, maybe one or two other Things, are added, which I'm really looking forward to. I would recommend anyone to buy the game NOW before Early Access is over. It is definitely already playable and seeing the new Updates and how the Game will evolve is certainly a very interesting Affair.
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