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Just Get Through

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The procedurally generated platformer Just Get Through, a game by the german, one-man game studio Retrific, features various gamemodes, daily runs, steam leaderboards and trading cards, a sandbox, user-generated levels, explosions, traps, precise walljumping and more. Together with roguelike elements like permadeath, procedural generation, an endless amount of challenging levels and more this underrated game forms your next platformer challenge. You play as a dude trapped somewhere in a jungle-like environment. You try to escape but there is no exit - only those portals. And everytime you jump through one of them, you just land in another dungeon with even more traps.

Use your skill and your explosives to get through an infinite amount of levels and to reach the first place in the global online highscore.
Or play user-made custom levels, that were created in the powerful sandbox mode.

  • A slower platformer with long runs
  • Various game modes
  • Daily Runs
  • Destructible Environment
  • Endless fun in different randomly generated levels
  • Weekly Runs
  • Steam Cloud for Custom Levels and Progress
  • Upgrades
  • Beautiful particles and effects
  • Gamepad Support
  • Dozens of unlockable color themes
  • Sandbox Mode
  • User-generated levels
  • Consistent Style
  • Start a run within seconds
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Smooth 60fps
  • Detailed stats
  • Create, play and publish custom levels ingame
  • No microtransactions
  • Throwable TNT to destroy walls and traps
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Steam Achievements
  • Permadeath
  • and much more

Try the demo for a glimpse of the game!

This game was made by Retrific's founder Jonathan Mannshoven.
Release date
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2 Core @ 2.8Ghz
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Storage: 30 MB available space
  • OS: Windows Vista, 7
  • Processor: 4 core @ 3Ghz
  • Memory: 3072 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated GPU
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 29, 2022

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Just Get Through reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Game is good. I do not know where it is in my library, but I know exactly what was in the desired long time. Apparently bought something for the change during the sale. I finally played. What did I expect from the game? Adventure in the form of a bagel. What did you get? Rogaque with adventure syndromes. Is it Bad? No, I'm not. The Game is good, simple.. Simple.. Hmm.. And This is her only minus. The Game is simple, but it can not be made more difficult because of the fact that the play becomes uncomfortable, because the controller is sharpened by the current complexity. Liked How the developers solved the issue with the curve generator map-added mechanics of breaking the walls just rolling on them or jumping on them from below. For this plus. What did not like very much? Strong monotony of what is happening. At First I was looking for meaning in maps, but then I just realized that the goal of "reaching the point" is the main meaning of the maps. The Cards are wildly boring. The Feathers are even more boring. "+ 5 TNT", "More damage", "Higher run" and so on. The Persians seem to be, but they don't carry anything special. There is not enough mechanic who would diversify the game. Yes, maybe I'm so bad and I saw a lot of things, but in other games of this genre content changes not through 10 levels, but through 1. Why not add shotguns at level 10 instead of 2m? The Mechanisms of the heap and their number are very much expanded by variations. Here the developers were lazy and this is the only minus. The Game is definitely worth the money, the hands of the game does not hurt, but the game quickly bored with its passive levels.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
As a Fan of Platformers (E.g. SMB) and rogue-like Elements (E.g. BoI, Rogue Legacy) friends recommended "Just Get Trough" to me. After the first Pictures on the Shop Page, I thought to myself that you can't go wrong for £530. At First I was skeptical when I finished the first Run with about Level 35-40 and saw more closely that the Achievements only go up to Level 50. So I thought to myself, "Hey is the Game after Ending the Level then played through?" I didn't get the Answer until after 25 Hours of Play, because the Game wants to see you really dead later. I can tell in advance: After Level 50 it goes on, but you won't get much further ... For experienced Platformers, the Difficulty level is fairly well adjusted, from Level 40 the Difficulty then increases rapidly. So you have to ask yourself again and again with the Skills, which one I choose. Which will help me later? Should I have a high Level of protection after the Repaving period and die with many Hearts or am I rather the Hobbyist who builds new Paths through TNT? I learned to choose the Skills first that only appear unique. These then do not clog up again and again a helpful Alternative 3. (Unless there are more heart items to Choose from, then of course this is selected.;)) I recommend this Game to anyone who brings patience to learn and master this Game. For People without this Patience and Motivation to gain experience by dying, I prefer to recommend lighter fare. Finally, some plus and Minus Points: + Increably increasing Difficulty + The (mostly) randomly generated levels that rob one of the last Nerve + Skill-system to implement the Game's needs according to your own Game method + Colour patterns ensure Variety (and, if necessary, increasing difficulty) + The Levels created by the Community are a real Asset and offer fresh Variety-The first Levels can quickly bore experienced players and can't be skipped-there are still Random level where you still have to "die through" in certain Places-Some Skills are unnecessary (No Damage from falling Ceiling, but later you die of falling Scree)-The Music can still seem monotonous for a While. Can look away minor Errors and have Fun with Platformers should take a look at This Game. (In the meantime, I think there should be a Demo) From me, anyway, the Game gets a 4/5.
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