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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

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One could call Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days a modern art project and be correct. Dog Days is the continuation of infamous Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. This time the player controls Lynch - a psychopath who now lives in Hong-Kong with his love Xiu. Kane, the protagonist of the first game, comes to Hong-Kong in hopes to get some money by smuggling guns to Africa together with Lynch, but at the very beginning of the game Lynch decides to do a little job with local mafia and Kane accidentally shoots a girlfriend of influential mafia person and everyone, starting with local hooligans, police and then military turns against the two.
Kane & Lynch: Dog Days differs from all the other third person shooters by its original visual style and presentation. Everything what player sees is filtered by lo-fi visual effects and so everything looks like filmed with an old and cheap digital photo camera. The screen is shaking all the time, censuring wounds of shot enemies, colors of screen drastically changes when Lynch is wounded. The rhythm of the game is insanely quick to the point where it gets surreal.

Release date
IO Interactive
Square Enix
Square Enix
Age rating
18+ Adults Only

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: Intel 3.0 GHz or AMD 2.5 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1 GB (XP), 2 GB (Vista)
  • Graphics: Nvidia 7800 / ATI X1800 or better (Shader Model 3.0, 512 MB Video Memory)
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card
  • Controller Support: Xbox 360 Controller
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Last Modified: Apr 18, 2020

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        Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days reviews and comments

        Translated by
        Microsoft from French
        So what to say, I'll make it simple: positive points: the story, the atmosphere, the violence negative points all the rest, imprecise aiming at the possible, no time to revive his co-crew, emptying a loader on an enemy to kill him. Basically you advance to the time crisis (if you have known) we move from room to room and we wait for the next wave of enemies, and this on all levels but the best remains the end of the game memorable!!! short if you find it with a buddy has less than 3rd CA will make you 1st clock display
        Translated by
        Microsoft from French
        I had not liked the one but I let myself go to try the 2 anyway because despite all his flaws the characters of Kane and Lynch have this little something that makes them endearing and that is what saves the game because the gameplay is too basic and the scenario is worthy of a film Z... I found the 2 much better realized that the one despite its very low lifespan 3-4 h I did a milking and the end is so brutal that one has a taste of unfinished at the end... Yet we want more anyway so I hope a 3rd Opus on the misadventures of this duo of anti-hero attypic...
        Translated by
        Microsoft from Deutsch
        A grassy successor to an ingenious game ... It really has nothing ... Kane is absolutely blank and lynch is not popped through. Playfully ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ often the cover system to pull off is and all in all it plays out like n pseudo shooter. The graphic is inferior the effects are nauseous causing the sound seems like taken in ne garage on Syncro is hundsmieserabel and the story seems like from the 3 classic tom clancy immitat. All in all, Kane & Lynch 2 is just n stroke in the face which is the only good thing ... The game is short ... Damn short so you don't have to do this sumption for too long! 10 (though almost ne 0/10 but the short play time it travels out) more action gibts at Minesweeper & the effects are better there too
        Translated by
        Microsoft from French
        I only played this one, I wanted to play the first but the developers are not screwed to make sure that we can play it on Windows 10, so I play this one. I didn't really find that the game was really good, the fact that the view is third person does not bother me but simulate as if it was a cameraman who follows the action behind you with the tremor of the camera and everything, you understand nothing at first. At the end of one or two hours we get there, like we do it in half of the game because Yes this games is really short after there is the multi mode but if I have not really liked the solo because the gameplay Soule me with all his weapons that are incredibly not precise and suddenly we find to rush in the pile just to collect ammunition, sometimes it is a feat to touch the enemies, but in addition must put several bullets for them to create. With all this, it makes me not want to go for a ride of the multi.
        I adore its visual style. You watch sick psychopath from distorted low-end filters, everything shakes, catchy chinese pop mixes with drone and dark ambient. This is a hallucinogenic trip into the Void.
        «Blew my mind»
        «Just one more turn»
        Bad game
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