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Killer7 (stylized as killer7) is a 2005 action-adventure video game for the GameCube and PlayStation 2, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Capcom. The game was written and directed by Goichi Suda, also known by the nickname Suda51, and produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi. The game follows an elite group of assassins called the "killer7". The assassins, physical manifestations of a man named Harman Smith, perform hits on behalf of the United States government. Through these missions, the killer7 uncover a deeper conspiracy regarding the role of Japan in U.S. politics and secrets about the nature of their organization. Killer7 features first-person shooter elements and a unique on rails control scheme, but the core adventure-style gameplay has been compared to Myst and Snatcher. Killer7 was Suda51's first game released outside Japan. It received polarized reviews due to its unconventional control scheme, linear gameplay, and complex noir plot. While some reviewers appreciated the stripped-down controls and stylized arthouse approach, others panned it as confusing and restricting. However, the game's soundtrack, presentation, visual style and thought-provoking story received generally positive responses from critics and considered as the best aspects of the game and lead to several accolades and nominations. Despite these setbacks, Killer7's cult appeal led to remakes of Suda51's older works and the successful launch of No More Heroes.
Metacritic rating
Release date
Jun 9, 2005
Grasshopper Manufacture
Engine Software BV
Capcom, NIS America, Inc.
Age rating
17+ Mature
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I love Killer7 as I love my life, as I love industrial music, as I love coffee, as I love video games. Killer7 is one of the best game which I completed. It's hard to talk about it, but I like everything in it. Soundtrack is wonderful, cell-shaded visuals are stunning yet artsy as fuck, characters are superb enjoyable. Gameplay itself is very original, anime cut-scenes - something from other world too. Highly recommended for everyone who enjoy anime and japanese games. Best of Suda 51, period. The only big game which was made as The Master wanted without cuts from big publishers and so on. Best game...
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