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Love Language Japanese

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Welcome to Tokyo most prestigious school for young foreign students: Koto Gakuen.

Enter your first year at Koto Gakuen and discover Japanese language through easy to learn lessons and compelling mini games. Meet new friends and unveil their story and maybe find love through your adventures.

Love Language Japanese is the very first Visual Novel/Dating Simulator offering a learning experience to start your journey in the world of Japanese language.

Created to help you bootstrap your Japanese language learning ability, Love Language is a fun way to start your studying adventure!

Love Language Japanese is a smart blend between a Visual Novel/Dating Sim and an E-learning experience. Through 90 in-game days learn Japanese every weekday morning and use your free time to roam the map in search of new adventure, new friends and perhaps new love.

In Love Language you will go through a full trimester program at Koto Gakuen, a prestigious language school for foreign students in Tokyo. During these 90 days it will be your choices that will define where and with who you end up.

Your new life in Japan awaits you! Everything is going your way and the most prestigious Japanese school for young foreigners open its door to you...That is until they uncover your little deception. Live a full adventure of discovery, learning, love and face many challenges to become a true student of Koto Gakuen.

Meet Helen, Sarah, Miyuki, Professor Saito, Dean Oyama and many other characters. Discover their life, their goals, their passions and fears and maybe find love with one of them. Every day of your adventure chose who you will spend time with and who you will give your heart to!

Discover and learn Japanese through more than 50 lessons and tests. love Language Japanese was created to help you bootstrap your Japanese learning ability and give you a great base to go further! Read, listen, understand the meanings and test yourself all through the game with bit sized lessons.
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1.66 Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Love Language Japanese reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Fascinating, interesting, cheerful novella, even if there is no desire to seriously learn Japanese, it may be a good idea to try it, but here is a solution worth thinking about, because to advance on the story, you will still have to remember the information that give, For every Saturday passes a test, which must be passed (otherwise expulsion (MDE, stim, why can not use smilly in the review?)). I will say at once: the novel hooked from the first shots, a light, pleasant mood appeared at once, a lot of funny moments, charismatic characters only more immersed in the game. As if to say, I generally rarely laugh, and here apart from it is not just funny, and the laughter is somewhat different level than when you just run across a "funny" meme. By cons I can attribute the lack of voiceover characters, the only sounds that I remember in the novel, it is an opportunity to listen to individual hieroglyphs/words during the lesson, all, rather depressing this silence at times, especially during at least Preparatory tests, there are no left sounds, even from the test itself, i.e. the only reaction to the correct/incorrect answer which I see: The visual reaction of Prof. Rashi Saito. A Little further I can also note the bugs that pop up from time to time, like a dialog box that stands background, for all the subsequent not letting perceive the text, or worse when, as I understood, the lesson was given after having gone through the questions in Saturday test. On the other hand, in the case of Japanese it is not such a big problem, because here (unlike the Hebrew, with which my head hurts and my butt burns), you can read the word seeing it for the first time, which allows you to safely pass the tests and learn purely on them if you see the same and its unwillingness. As long as I have not gone far enough, I will not approve, but in the future I'll write about what I doubt now, namely, whether there is a variety of minigames and the amount of content in the game. In terms of the second I would not say that this minus will be, for even 50 + such lessons will be enough for this money, another question how much time will have to wait and in general will be the LDL/sequels. It is a Summy, for there is no desire to think hard the text, but as it is. Definitely recommend. P.S. Many accuse the Novelle that all the Arps are stolen, yes, it is quite possible to bring in minus that the arches are not original, but they were not stolen, here are the words from developer: "Hello! First of all thank you for stopping by our page! The art was not * stolen *, it is a partnership between Studio Praline/will Plus and Papurika. Moe. It is true we took some time to finish it but the game releases tomorrow. This is our first project and what was originally a rather small game became a full fledge VN with many hours of gameplay. Hope you'll enjoy it! "
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