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Magic Nations

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Jump into fantasy world of the Magic Nations. Grab your card deck and fight with your opponents from all over the world. The gameplay is based on logical thinking and adapting your game to battlefield conditions. Collect new powerful units, expand your deck with unique characters, and sell unnecessary cards! Let yourself be drawn into the wonderful feature line shown on the comic book. Magic Nations is a card game with features the deployment of its troops in two rows and subsequent moves with its units until the opponent has no movement or capitulation! The game world is inhabited by six races: beautiful and brave Amazons, cunning and wily Humans, courageous and warlike Dwarves, wise and eternal Elves, sinister and mysterious Necromancers, and strong and brutal Orks Each of them has unique features that make the gameplay different. Find your favorite and become her master.
Release date
Feb 4, 2019
PrimeBit Games S.A.
PrimeBit Games SA
PrimeBit Games S.A., PrimeBit Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows x64
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • OS: Windows x64
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 23, 2019

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Magic Nations reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Hi together, the Game idea Is Class and actually makes An appetite for more. actually! The Tutorial, gives a quick Look into the Build-up of the Game. Where's what. What do the Numbers have to interpret, and in Text Forum, that there are Effects, etc. But nothing more than that. Well I thought well and threw myself into the Campaign. However, I already came across the Limit of my Abilities (?) or the Game here? So You meet the Elven as An Orc. Well noted as The first Round. The Speed (who pulls first) of the Orcs is on average about 5 or 6. So actually quite slow. Those of the Elven at 8 to 10. Of course, there are Outliers up or down On your Pages, but on Average the Elven are on, in front of the Orcs. Which actually fits in with it. Elven fast and nimble, but a little weaker (?) and the Orcs slowly but strong and hard (?). Well, actually. I tried several times and didn't even see Land in my Attempt to create the "first" level of the Campaign. My Best Success was 3 or 4 Dead Elven In Return 12-13 dead Orcs. There are several Reasons for this: The First one you start with the Starting Hand you have. Swapping is not! So You can't fill all Your Slots with Creatures because you haven't pulled the matching ones, or only weak Creatures, you've all but lost. Creatures (Melees) can only attack the three Creatures you are against over. Unlucky at placement, Round lost. The Game is not balanced by the Creatures. Which in a Game outside the Beta must not actually be as strong anymore. The fastest Orc Creature is 10 or 11. The fastest Creature from the Elven is 15, the slowest By the way at 5! That of the Orcs at 1, but you can swap for 2nd (Party) Have I an Attack of no more. 12, the Elven has one of 14 or if not more. I do not come to this in the Way I am sure that the life Points will be distributed. Thus, a "Remote Fighter" of the Elven Has speed 5th Attack of 8 and has 30 Life Points as well as 5 Armor. That makes 35 Life Points. There is not a single Unit of the Orcs that much. A Remote Fighter of the Orcs. We remember, vigorously and Hard. Has a Speed of 2 is as Guaranteed as the last. Does an Attack of 7 and 5 Have life Points without Armour? The Elven's best Melee, has a Quickness of 7 or 8th Tackle from 14 and Life Points of 14 with Armor out of 10. Orcs have the fastest Creature with 10 and an Attack of 9 (?). Living around 10 and Armor something around the 8th Floor, then made it the Skills of the Orcs. We have Invisibility for two Rounds at our 2-man (Speed) Archers, who together can take out an Archer of the Elven. In Return, this Elven Archer With his Ability Double Shot takes our two Archers out in one Round. The Elves have to follow Healing Double attack and Cards. I'm probably just stupid or haven't dealt with the Game long enough. But for me, this Entry is just too hard and doesn't make the Game recommended for me. Lg Maggy
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