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Metro Exodus

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Metro Exodus is the third installment in the Metro series. It is based on the series of post-apocalyptic novels by Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. The game is the sequel to Metro: Last Light and is set two years after its ending.


Exodus takes place in the year 2036 in post-apocalyptic Russia. According to the Metro universe backstory, in 2013 the planet was devastated by a total nuclear war. The atomic bombing left many parts of the Earth's surface uninhabitable due to high radiation rates, dangerous mutated monsters, and anomalies abound. The last remnants of humanity survive by hiding in the subway tunnels (hence the name of the series). The main protagonist is Artyom, a former dweller of Moscow Metro. Together with his wife Anna, he escaped the capital to search for survivors in the Russian Far East (thus making the “Redemption” ending of the Last Light the series' canon).


The player controls Artyom from the first person view. Exodus introduces the sandbox open-world, although the game combines it with the traditional linear levels. Unlike in previous games, Exodus is set mostly outside the subway system. Thus, the game also introduces the weather, the day and night cycle and the change of seasons. The player explores the Russian wilderness during and after the nuclear winter and rides a steam locomotive named Aurora through Siberia.

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Complete THE TWO COLONELS Chapter without using any Medkits on Normal or higher difficulty.
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Complete the game in Iron Mode.
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Find all 9 hidden Diary pages in THE TWO COLONELS Chapter.
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Find 3 toys in New Game+ mode: teddy bear, sun and fish.
Mind you, it's quite heavy!
Kill 3 Nosalises with flamethrower's melee attack in THE TWO COLONELS Chapter.
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Metro Exodus reviews and comments

Favorite Thing: A competent shooter made awesome by of its story and environments.
Least Favorite Thing: Never did like a silent protagonist.

Date Completed: 2019-10-01
Playtime: ~ 20h
Enjoyment: 9/10
Recommendation: If you're played the first two then Exodus is a must play. If not, time to get started.
At this point it just feels like I'm wanking the series off so I'll describe it like this; Metro 2033 = SSJ1, Metro Last Light = SSJ2, Metro Exodus = SSJ3

Seriously though, these games are so good.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Worth 14 Hours of Play and every Euro! The first two Parts were already damn good but Exodus is different ... More open, varied and freer in Game style. Graphically the Hammer and a rousing Story through all Seasons. Side missions that really give advantages and many Different Enemy types. Also new is the Collection of Materials, so you can make Ammunition and other important Things on the Go or on Workbenches. The Weapon Selection is huge, countless Ways to modify it and adapt it to your Style of Play. Ah, yes... Always keep the Weapons clean, otherwise there are Load Mammals;)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
-Great Game! -I love the Metro Series but exclusive time in Epic Store? Not a good decision and should not be supported! I Love the Metro Series and Metro Exodus Continues this successfully! Clear Recommendation after it appeared on Steam on 14.2.2020. -It would have been nice if you had set the Character Artjom, because so a lot of Feeling is lost in Dealing with his Wife and the others! -The AI is the Strunz-stupid to say the least! However, it also results when you have killed/turned off too many of the Comrades. -During my 21 Hours of play in the first Round, I discovered only a few Bugs that didn't notice any further Notice/had bothered and the Game crashed a total of 3 times, which is what a lot of people complain about-[I will change this Review on February 14, 2020 to a Positive one]
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Regardless of the whole Epic Games store Debate, Metro Exodus is also a Pearl in the shooter genre. Story and Staging are at an exceptionally high Level as usual, the Mood is almost oppressive as in its Predecessors. The Open-World Passages do not change the situation, even if they played a bit unusually at first, because you do not expect such a thing at a Metro title. The Open World, however, is so lovingly designed that I buy the Game the pre-skied end Times at any time. So Much ambient details are only used to Games like GTA or RDR. This is very big Cinema. It is really believed that the Protagonists in the Aurora fight to survive on a daily basis. The Gunplay is at a good Level, although it can't keep up with the genre greats in its Entirety, but it was at least enough for me to create a satisfying Gaming Experience. Another small Point of Criticism-as mentioned in many Reviews of the major Game magazines-is the opposing AI. Some of these behave somewhat cautiously and act rather illogically. You saw That better 20 Years ago. Otherwise, however, the typical Metro opponents are all represented Again. I might even have wanted a little more Choice. Technically, the Title plays in the top Division. The Graphics are beyond Doubt and just the Light Mood does a good Job. If you really want to get into full Grip, you can still activate the RTX with a potent GPU. All in all, Metro is a worthy third Part and wonderful First-person shooter that creates a unique Atmosphere precisely through its Atmosphere. Grab! :)
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