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Nyctophilia is an 2D psychological thriller.

It's not about monsters. It's not about maniacs or magic. It's about bad things in your head.

You arrive to the house in the hope to forget something. Over time this place will become a scary place. House tells its own dark story. Here past and present blend into each other, and you already can not understand difference between reality and illusion. Only questions and no answers.

Nyctophilia - it is an experience concentrated on narrative that tells you story that might surprise you. Also this game has unusual gameplay based on exploring the house and solving simple but interesting puzzles.FEATURES
  • Weird and crazy dark story
  • Puzzles about different realities
  • Watch your condition. Don't forget about food and hygiene
  • House tells its own story
  • Two endings. Each of them tells you one side of story

  • Gouldenberg https://gouldenberg.bandcamp.com
  • Nyctophiliac https://soundcloud.com/nycthropian
  • Nyctophilia from Latvia http://nyctophilia3.bandcamp.com

English Proofreading
  • Ashley Howard http://steamcommunity.com/id/seigagenesis
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Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Nyctophilia reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Creation of the novice company CAT IN JAR GAMES "Nyctophilia" has caused me quite mixed feelings, now I will try to explain why. The Game is a 2D walker with Pixel stylization. I just want to say that I have no complaints about the decanter-everything looks very good. Let's go further-animation. It is practically not in the game-only a very strange drawn movement of the legs of the protagonist, yes pop-up dialogues. All. Other objects of the game are static, which personally upset me. It's worse. Gameplay. In This plan, the game is a simulator of walking along the walls, searching for active things and pressing the button X. No, seriously, there's nothing else in this game. It's Fun, isn't it? Plot. Here is The CAT in the BANK presents us a pleasant surprise. The Plot is completely incomprehensible to the end, it is served EXTREMELY slowly, literally on a piece, while we recognize it from various letters, diaries and dreams of the main character. Until The final, you sit and think, "What is this all about? What the heck... Happens? Curtains? "But then such a bam, and everything gets into place. To Christopher Nolan, of course, far away, but for the game, which created only one person very well. Perhaps, the plot is the most important plus in this creation. About The soundtrack something to say is quite difficult-80% of the whole game it just does not. Absolutely. For all the passage I met 2-3 tracks, quite pleasant, but still short. It Becomes somehow empty and even a little dull, good music would be here very much in the theme. But the Razrab decided to show us the FAK. I Also want to add that the monologues in this game wrote... Genius. Reading them, it seems that our character-an ancient Greek thinker, who communicates with himself in a beautiful and pure literary language, building incomprehensible schemes in the most elementary sentences. For Example, instead of "I'm Not going to wash today," The hero will give you something like "I think I can neglect water treatments this time." I do Not know whether it is minus or not, but personally I was wildly annoyed. Also in this masterpiece there are TWO ENDINGS! TWO, your mother! And at the same time, the choice depends on one action at the end of the game. That is, in order to see the second ending we need to pass all this shnygu anew. It's like in the new Call of Juarez, but I'm only ready to pass Gunslinger for the second ending, and in our Nyctophilia I'm not sure if I will endure the re-passage... Once met a bug: I go to the bathroom, immediately go back-when the screen becomes black. And that's it. I Try to move-there is a sound of steps, pictures-No. Randomly go back to the bathroom-the bathroom is, the hero in it is not. I Try to walk-the sound of footsteps disappeared. Trying to get out--zero reaction. I Had to restart. Also noticed an interesting strangeness: we go to the game on the right and left arrows. If you press Shift-Tab (in-game window), then close it-the character ceases to walk on the side arrows. Now we need to clamp the arrow up. When reopening-closing Overlay, control the passage of the hero falls on all four arrows. On the other hand, the game is free, which is a very pleasant aspect for any gamer. The Toy is quite short-personally I have all the passage took about an hour and a half. There Were times when the game tightened (mostly in the end), there were moments when wanted to yawn (such as a location with an underground maze), but to say that I regret the time spent I can not. What a game experience. So, what do we have in the end? Nyctophilia-free game with good pixel graphics, usable storyline and a good atmosphere, boring gameplay and useless animation, almost completely absent soundtrack and monologues rather strange content. Recommend to everyone not, play at your own risk. I Put "-" only because the game is not brought to mind. Not polished to the end. Too many small unpleasant things that add up to a great flaw. Denis-I'm sorry, IMHO. This was written by Liss.
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