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Obludia is an old-school arcade arena action inspired by classics such as Robotron or Smash-TV with RPG elements.

You play as a demon hunter whose purpose is to survive in a dangerous dungeons.
Fight your way through 50 levels full of thrilling action with hordes of challenging enemies and tough bosses. Enjoy mighty power-ups and deadly weapons!

Enter the world of Obludia and SLAY the EVIL!Game Features:
  • 50 levels full of thrilling action!
  • 8 Deadly weapons and Nice Spells!
  • Old-School arcade gameplay!
  • Local co-op: Play single player or together with a friend!
  • Destroy Hordes of monsters like: Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders and more.
  • Fight with 5 powerful Bosses.
  • Save the Princess (she is not princess… be careful)
  • Level up your little hero and collect many special power-ups!
  • Includes 16 Steam Achievements!
Release date
FobTi interactive
FobTi interactive
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: XP / Vista / Seven
  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 8.1
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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President of the Galaxy
Complete World 5 – Space Ship
Treasure Hunter
Find 20 chest.
Lord of the Obludia
Complete the game.
Save 10 princess.
Throw 50 dynamites.
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Who's Gaming Now?! - Obludia (Early)
Who's Gaming Now?! - Obludia
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Obludia reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So, I'm a big binding of isaac Fan and accordingly I looked at Obludia quite a bit at first. The Game is insanely short, you don't need more than an Hour, for a Run. You knotted through 5 Worlds and always have to defeat an End Boss in the End. That goes quite well, only the Last one has caused me a bit of Difficulty. You continuously unlock Weapons and can buy a Little In the Store, which comes about every 3-4 Stages. Basically, you always play in a Room where occasionally Traps occur as well and you have to watch out where you step, but the Game is really not very hard. So why do I recommend the Game anyway? Well, for One you can quietly walk through the Levels more than once and the Programmer has sprinkled in a few Shingles that you can quietly go to discover. Other than that, there are also a few hidden Nods to well-known Games. But for me, the most important Point is that here is a single independent (Indie) Programmer who has seemingly really brought a lot of Heart to the Game. (Yes, I'm really sentimental) Verdict A beautiful Indie Title that seems rather cute and invite. Alternatives for Obludia would be BIndings of Isaac or Larva Mortus If anyone wants to play this Genre more. However, I still find €9 quite expensive and would wait for a sale or similar and would give the Game a "Value" of €5. :-) Did the Review help you? Then follow me in my Steam Group, where I write my Reviews as a Curator.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Already, the first black dots that have blown me in my eyes: there is a cruel lack of history (the vague elements proposed are more the one to try to amuse than anything else), a humor rather vulgar and totally undiscovered that I was distaste of the game more that something else, and music and sound effects, far from being my taste, have convinced me to cut the sound to continue. That said, if we pass all these flaws, or we appreciate the humor pee-POO of a children of 4 years and half, the game is not so unpleasant. The difficulty seems relatively well balanced, the although repetitive gameplay of room in the room is spicy by the presence of some bosses asking for a little strategic research, and I appreciate the concept of magic, as a kind of mini-Joker that should not not too much to spoil under pain of not having Mana at the critical moment. There is also possibility to save for those who do not want to take the lead too... For a small price. Oh yes, and several weapons will be unlocked during the game, with ammunition management for some. Another little black dot, which bothered me a lot about this game is the visibility of the projectiles you throw the enemies... Difficult of all the tanks, especially when the room is crowded, to the point that it happened to me repeatedly to take damage without understanding why. And one last point that I found amusing, there is a key to reset the room, with three hearts, ammunition, and all it takes to finish a room without problem... You can even reset until you get all the bonuses in the room. Forget about the developer? In any case, the game having me quickly tired, I am not badly abused to get to grips. No shame, at least I would have seen the content...
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