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Pikmin 2

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The second game in the fan-favorite Pikmin franchise originally launched
for the Nintendo GameCube console in 2004. Now Wii users can enjoy the
imaginative fun of this classic and colorful mass action strategy game,
now available at a suggested retail price of just $19.99 as part of the
value-minded, family-friendly Nintendo Selects series. The brave Captain
Olimar has returned to marshal new types of Pikmin in a wild, open-ended
adventure. On a mission to pay back his employer’s debt, Olimar and his
sidekick Louie must command squads of tiny Pikmin to help locate
valuable treasures, exploring mysterious environments and battling pesky
enemies along the way. Players of any experience level can use the Wii
Remote and Nunchuk controllers to command these curious creatures and
complete their mission. The game also invites friends to deviously pit
their Pikmin squads against one another in a rough and ruthless
two-player mode*.

Pikmin 2 is simple to pick up and play using the intuitive Wii Remote
and Nunchuk controllers. Players can alternate between controlling
Captain Olimar and Louie as they point the Wii Remote controller at
the screen to select Pikmin and put them to work. A swarm of up to 100
Pikmin can be commanded simultaneously to explore new areas, locate
treasures, fend off enemies and solve puzzles.

Pikmin 2 marks the debut of two additional Pikmin types: white and
purple. Purple Pikmin boast 10 times the strength and weight of other
colors, while white Pikmin are fast, resistant to poison and skilled
at locating hidden treasure. Returning Pikmin types such as red,
yellow and blue all have their own unique traits and abilities, too.

Strategy is key as players choose which Pikmin to deploy for a given
task. With more than 60 different species of enemy characters and
randomly generated dungeons that span the planet, the game offers a
fun array of challenges.

Players can go head to head in frantic two-player battles or team up
in a cooperative challenge mode.

There are no time limits in Pikmin 2, so players of any experience
level can progress through the game at their own pace, heading
straight for the action or taking time to explore the beautiful

  • Additional accessories are required for multiplayer mode and are sold
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Last Modified: May 6, 2020

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