Games for PSP

PSP, or PlayStation Portable, is the first handheld video game console developed by Sony. It was released in 2004 after its main competitor in the field — Nintendo DS. The console was positioned as an ultimate media player as it could play music, videos, pictures, and other multimedia as well as exhibit games. Such positioning and the absence of decent competition has made PSP fame of the best handheld in its time. The games circulate on UMD discs. The idea was developed out of fear of CDs piracy. The mobile gaming was not so widely popular then, and NDS was strictly Asia-oriented let alone the technical progress PSP has made after its launch. There were five primary hardware revisions of the handheld: original (“fat”), 2000 (“slim” — due to form factor), 3000 (“bright” — due to improved screen), Go (a slider with no UMD-drive) and Street (the cheapest one due to the absence of Wi-Fi module).