Qing Gong

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This is a jumping puzzle about Chinese kung fu. 

Chinese kung fu is famous all over the world, and Shaolin Qing Gong is one of the most powerful kung fu techniques that allows you to fly over walls and water without a trace.  The theme of the game is inspired by Shaolin Qing Gong, and the scene is based on the statue of a seated Buddha, the Leshan Giant Buddha, carved in the mountains of Sichuan.

In this game,  the player  plays as a martial arts enthusiast who wishes to learn Qing Gong. In order to be a student of the master, the player needs to complete the master's command——to reach the top of the Buddha. On the way to complete the mission, the player can collect scattered pages of Buddhist sutras and game instructions. At the end of the game, there will be different endings depending on the number of pages the player collects.

Through the game process, hopefully, the player can get a sense of Qing Gong by jumping from platform to platform; experience the hardships of practising martial arts; enjoy the view on the way and find peace in the sutras.

A game made in NYU for Level Design Studio Spring 20.

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Yunci G
Minyan Cai
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Not rated
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Last Modified: May 22, 2020

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