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Shift Quantum

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Shift Quantum is an action-puzzle platformer game making use of a unique gameplay mechanic called SHIFTING. In Shift Quantum You play an avatar controlled by the player inside your own mind, deep inside Axon Vertigo's brain power extraction process. Do you have what it takes to beat all the levels and find your way out of this mental maze ?The Gameplay Solve Puzzles by shifting the world, from black to white and white to black, create negative space by entering the parallel world and transform an unclimbable block into a hole you can jump into. Use this unique SHIFT mechanic to your advantage and overcome the game’s obstacles. Pay attention to the small details, there may be more to this game than meets the eye.The story Welcome to Shift Quantum, the official gaming solution used by a mysterious global company, Axon Vertigo, to collect and process human brain power. On top of making money in the real world while connected to the system, the game is making you smarter, leaving you happier and prouder after each session. You are also able to create the next challenges for your fellow shifters by utilizing the embedded level editor, controllable by your brain, straight inside the system. What are you waiting for? Join Axon Vertigo and make the world a better place.Genesis Shift Quantum is an official successor of the famous puzzle-platformer game, Shift, originally created by Antony Lavelle and published by Armor Games.Features The Game will contain the following features: -8 new and unique game blocks to challenge your brain with puzzle and action mechanics. -A brand new story introducing a new gameplay mechanic based on a mysterious AI controlled character. -Solo content with over 100 unique levels that will test your abilities like never before. -An easy-to-use fully fledged level editor allowing you to create your own levels and share them. -Level creation contests, speedruns and weekly votes for top levels and showcase. -The possibility to share and consume levels coming from other platforms (Xbox, Playstation and Switch). -Full controller (Steam controller) and keyboard support. -Big picture support. -Steam achievements and leaderboards. -Cloud save progression.
Release date
May 29, 2018
Fishing Cactus
Red Panda Interactive Limited
Fishing Cactus, Plug In Digital, Red Panda Interactive
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 8 or above
  • Processor: Intel i5 or AMD equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA 950 Ti or AMD RX460
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Any integrated or dedicated sound card that supports directsound
  • Additional Notes: Online connection is required to share and download community levels
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Shift Quantum reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free I was able to try the Game at Gamescom at The time and was Lucky enough to win a Free key. Shift Quantum is a mind Game of a slightly different Kind. One is in a Simulation consisting of many different Levels. The Goal is to reach the Exit. By pressing the shift button you change the Level in the Game-what was still free Space is now the solid Floor and vice versa. Only by cleverly inserting this Ability is it possible To Advance in The Level filled with Traps and Dead Ends. As the Game progresses, new Elements are introduced again and again, which demand new Approaches and thus provide a lot of Variety and continued Motivation. The well-successful Soundtrack also provides a suitable Atmosphere Rather by chance you come across a mysterious Girl, which we seem to follow across Levels. What do you think it is about her? This will probably become apparent in the course Of The game. Anyone who has played through the Main Level can then try the community level, or even create new ones in the Editor. Definitely a Game that keeps you Entertained for a few Hours.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
I saw this game for the first at the made in Asia, Belgium. I had tested it with my girlfriend and we were immediately filled by this puzzle game that stands out from other platformer games of the same genre. Here, very little talent to have, just a good head. For the lifespan, in 2H of time, I am at almost 40% of the game without rushing, I go at my ease, but I can not blame the developers, I bought day-one at the same time. I am also glad that the community is already on the move to add a lot of levels. As for history, like most games of this genre, it is very sketchy and it does not include much (much like "Monument Valley" for those who have the reference). But we are not there for the story, the puzzles are good, for now, I did not come across anything very unfortunate, but I wait to see the sequel before I move on the difficulty. I can just assure that it is growing and that the difficulty curve is absolutely not unbalanced (one does not fall on hardcore levels and other ridiculously easy one as a result of each other). And I really appreciate the sound atmosphere, some may say that it lacks rhythm or that the bass are too heavy. But personally, I really appreciate the effect when you go in negative or positive, it gives a little sense of power in front of the power of the most particular of our character. Character who, moreover, to good animations, even if they are quite poor and others have absolutely no meaning (if he does not manage to push, his animation suggests that he pulls the blocks, or else the character tends to stick on the walls without no reason when approaching it). I know how hard to make a game is difficult, and that's why I want to share some bugs that I crossed:-in the main menu, the image of the trigger is used for navigation, off it is the shoulders that are used. -Sometimes, when you die crushed, you have to reset the level manually because the character hangs in the cubes instead of dying. -In the editor, if you try to go back to the Editor while the character is in animation, the screen crashes and we have to redo the manipulation in an invisible menu so that everything returns to normal. In any case, thank you for this little jewelry to the devout, and good continuation!
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