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Starpoint Gemini Warlords

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Control your ship directly to show off your battle prowess. Aim and fire manually or command your gunners to do the job for you while you execute unique skills. Choose your companions to follow you into battle and if you need an extra hand, have your fleets join you in glorious combat. Battles in Warlords can vary from duels and small skirmishes to clashes of massive fleets in planetary orbits.

Construct ships and assemble your mighty war fleets to pitch them against the other war-mongering factions of Gemini, but be mindful of the situation you're sending them into. A seemingly weaker fleet can be accompanied by warmasters, well-trained specialists that can sway the battle in their favor, but fear not, you can have your fleet follow you so you can lead them to victory!

Upgrade your headquarters with additional modules to produce more advanced weapons and enhancements, develop new ships leading up to the station-size Proxima, unlock new structures and activate various bonuses that influence all of your territory. You are the leader of your people and a powerful leader deserves a stronghold.

Spread your influence and increase your resources by expanding your territory, but don't stretch your defenses too thin or your enemies might take advantage. Territory can be fortified and improved by building various resource and defense structures. Expand the T-Gate network to make your fleets travel across your ever-growing empire faster. A timely arrival can make all the difference.

Begin your adventure on a small, agile gunship and work your way up to a massive carrier class capable of deploying numerous fighter wings. Upgrade your chosen vessel of destruction with a plethora of weapons and enhancements. And to finish it all off, throw a coat of paint on it to get that perfect vessel you always wanted.KEY FEATURES:
  • Massive game world, populated by over 60 diverse factions, ready to face your war fleets.
  • Campaign mode – Play through the story of the “exiles”, who settled on the barren planet of Phaeneros on the outskirts of Gemini, after escaping the alien invasion of the Sol system.
  • Five free roam scenarios with distinct start setup.
  • Choose among nearly 90 different ships, from gunships and corvettes to bulky carriers.
  • Build your own personal headquarters to boost your economic and military power.
  • Procedurally generated freelance jobs offer a great way to earn Credits that you can use to pump upgrades into your ship.
  • Procedurally generated encounters can creep up on you when you least expect them.
  • Choose one of three unique character classes or whip up a hybrid class of your own.
  • Conduct research on a multitude of different tech that affects everything from your own ship to the global scheme of things.
  • Construct ships, assemble war fleets and send them in all directions to conquer for the glory of the Solari Concord.
  • Build and upgrade infrastructure across the star system to improve resource gathering and strengthen your dominion.
  • Engage in diplomatic relations and sign trade deals to get that boost you need.
  • Mod support that greatly surpasses that of its predecessor, Starpoint Gemini 2.

For more information, check out the official Starpoint Gemini Wiki on Gamepedia.
Release date
Little Green Men Games
Iceberg Interactive
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher (64 bit ONLY)
  • Processor: Intel Core 3.0 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 11 nVidia GeForce GTX 470 / 560, 1280MB or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
  • Additional Notes:
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Starpoint Gemini Warlords reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I bought this Game in Early Access and have tried to play it with Joy on several occasions since then, which unfortunately I did not succeed. Pros: + Graphics are quite okay, but neither is the Racer. Cons:-Bad UI. Everything is in nested Menu management And mainly text-based. The Equipment from the Ship is lovingly listed and you have paint pictures for Weapons/Drives etc. Even Freelancers were superior a hundred times. -Sponge mouse Control, poor Keyboard control. Man can't drift, you can't get on and off. You can only nod with WASD ... So exactly what you can do with Mouse control (Space). Those who were looking forward to similarly uncomplicated Controls a la Freelancer can safely forget this; The Controls are so spongy (as the Ship "lags behind") that you can't navigate sensibly. But that's not important at all because ...-AI. I mean, seriously? Opponents simply stop in Space. They spin and fly at Mop Speed, but it was. Dogfights with Gunships are not possible. Simply activate automatic firing, mark target and rotate in such a way that all Guns fire. That might still be okay if you could watch the Spectacle, aaaber ...-Miese FX effects and Sound. I know there are no Noises in Space. But it's a Game. We want Explosions, Cannon Sheprilers and generally the Feedback, my Weapons Achieve what. However: Pustekes! The Weapons sound like 90ny Techno, the Effects are really ridiculous (the heavy-ammunition limited!! -Ion Cannon shoots a BALL that tracks the Enemy and "explodes" in a small Electronic Network ...) And you don't get ANY Feedback to ÜBERHAUPT where you've met your Opponent now. Yes, there are four Hit zones on the Ship, but since the Enemies spin like a Gyro, you never know exactly where you hit, let alone that it makes a Difference, because you can't exploit said Vulnerabilities. -Story ... Is really bad. The Dialogues are copied out of RTL as if they are from RTL. And it is half-heartedly set to music, 90% Storytelling is "transmitted" via funny Text Windows, where you then have a few Answer options. -You can change German Translation directly in English. Do that if you really want to play the Game, or you'll laugh, cry, hury. Something In between. I'm just saying the space button is called "Space." -Skill system ... Sounds great, but it's really bad. You can pick a Class at the Beginning And get some Skills in front of you, for Example Vanguard you get 1st Shotgun (yes quite Rightly) 2nd Ramming (yes quite right) and 3rd Tractor Beam (I think that's good again, but why is that not an Object of Equipment?!) as well as an AOE Bomb. You can go up Levels and improve those Skills. Personally, I don't like the System at all. I play these Games not like an RPG but like a Knight Rider: A Man and his Ship. I want to modify it and Equip it. It's supposed to suit my Needs. And not just be an empty Shell filled by my incredible Skill, that brings us to ...-No customizing options. The few Weapon Types you have are virtually nondifferent. Under "light" weapons fall Laser, Railgun, Plasma. End. And the tiers just on. Under heavy Weapons fall "Shockwave" such as the aforementioned Ion Cannon, Rockets and Torpedoes. That's it. You can change rudimentary Shields and Drives, but not as you know it from other Games. -Warlord system, is a bit of a Browser game. You build Fleet, send Fleet to Point, conquer point. You look For Resource point, click on it when enough Time has passed that you have enough resources, build Point. I promised myself a lot more. Probably I haven't seen it all yet, maybe there are also some good Points in the Game, but after 3x new try With a total of 15h VERSUCHTER Playing Time I can at least for me find that it is a bad Game and I prefer Freelancers Discovery games or X3 as THAT here.
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